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    Esports Betting Boom: Mastering the Meta in CS:GO & League of Legends Tournament

    Image by Lucas Luquinhas from Pixabay As you sit down to watch the latest CS:GO or League of Legends tournament, you can't help but notice the excitement buzzing around esports betting. Coincidentally, you've been curious about this growing trend and wonder what it takes to master the meta...
  2. the duck

    Sharp odds on esports (8 min, 10 min & 12 min)

    Hi guys, I have started value betting 2 years ago and I am trying to involve on value betting in Esports 8, 10 and 12 mins. Anyone has any experience on that? It seems that some sites (bet365, betfair, betano etc) has different odds on same games. So the question is ... how sharp are the odds...
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    NeoBet - Upcoming Esport Matches

    29/9/2020 Hey guys, we have some exciting Esport betting matches in stock for you today, starting off with: CS:GO - Online ESEA MDL 18:00 pm: Nordavind - Team Secret 18:00 pm: ALTERNATE aTTaX - Sprout 19:15 pm: Endpoint - Singularity 20:30 pm: Hellraisers - forZe LOL - China World...
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    Upcoming Esport Matches

    24/9/2020 Hey guys, Today we are kicking it off with some very exciting Esports games open to betting! Starting with: DreamHack CS:GO Open 15:00 pm: Movistar Riders - Skade 15:00 pm: C0ntact Gaming - mousesports ESL CS:GO Pro League: 19:00 pm: Evil Geniuses - Furia Esports OGA Dota 2 Pit...
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    Betworld: Industry leading sportsbook and casino.

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    Neobet: Your go to Esports and sports betting platform.


    DOTA 2 vs Alliance / Vikin +,8,5 1st map @ 1,8 Alinace played last game in the grid Winning against Team Liquid played against Natus Vincere ,losing against Virtus Pro, winning against Nigma . Their opponents today, despite the fact that they are being crossed out by the bookmakers looked...

    League of legends 2020

    Thread about the League of Legends matches - selected from the most popular leagues in the world. Published will be only some of the games and analyses. LOL LCK Match: Gen.G - DAMWON GAMING 03/26 13:00 DAMWON GAMING Odds: @4.300 1/10 match analysis Today two teams meet in the LCK league...

    IEM - astralis vs vitality

    Full prediction and betting tips It’s impossible to escape from this match and not try your hand at picking the winner. Both teams are very well prepared. Let’s compare their first matches. The first map in the duel between Astralis and Cloud9 is mainly a great showcase of the device, which...
  10. estoupedrado

    esport/cs:go DreamEaters - Skin Ogres

    My pick : Skin Ogres @ 2,1 Date : 27.01 17:00 prediction source -> " DreamEaters is considered to be the favorite in this game, in my opinion it's not right. There's a substitution in the team that was to help the team. Vitosh was replacing the CHEHOL player, but this shift as...
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    eSports Portal

    Hi everyone, I'm the founder of The basic idea of the website is to provide information to people interested of eSports - with or without knowledge. Project is fully functioning but still in beta phase, so feedback is very appreciated.
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    Best eSports Betting Site 2019

    Hello everyone! 😉 My name is Valentine Smith. I am keen on esports! I like such games as: 🏆Smite, 🏆CS GO, 🏆Overwatch, 🏆Dota 2, 🏆Starcraft, 🏆League of Legends. I played for a long time. But once I asked myself: "How can I make money on my hobby?". After analyzing everything, I decided that now I...
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    Betrally New Player Bonuses

    Betrally offer new clients a 100% in sports up to 100$ , a 150 % up to 200$ in casino Also , we reward our clients with weekly 10$ free bet upon placing 5 X 10$ bets , as well as weekly 10$ insurance bet on soccer . Sign up now with us...
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    Best eSports Bookies

    List of the best eSports Bookies see here:
  15. AsiaMan

    NBA News Tim Duncan Role To Spurs Still Unknown

    San Antonio - The former All-Star Forward Tim Duncan surprisingly attended the team's training camp activity Wednesday then after two days head coached Gregg Popovich stated that he will fine Duncan amounting to $2,500 for each day that he was absent - kidding aside. However, Timmy's surprised...
  16. AsiaMan

    NBA News Veteran Cavaliers On Age Not A Problem

    Independence , Ohio - The drought for 50 plus years of Cleveland Cavaliers is over and when King LeBron James led his team to Finals as well as winning the title as the NBA Champions 2016. As you can see almost half of the rosters are veterans but the Cavs are pointing out to their top three...
  17. AsiaMan

    NBA News Russel Westbrook On Kevin Durant

    Oklahoma City - All Star Guard Russel Westbrook has only few on OKC's annual media day on Monday when he was asked about his former team mate and now Golden State Warriors Forward Kevin Durant. A short, but interesting line from Westbrook, "I haven't talked to him". The show must go on for the...
  18. AsiaMan

    NBA News Milwaukee Bucks Acquire Michael Beasley

    In response to the Milwaukee Bucks guard injured Khris Middleton in which will be sidelines for 6 months. The Houston Rockets traded small forward Michael Beasley to the Bucks for the guard Tyler Ennis. Beasley, 27, has averaged 13.0 points and 4.8 rebounds on eight NBA seasons. "We're excited...
  19. AsiaMan

    NBA News Giannis Antetokounmpo Worth $100 Million

    From Monday the Milwaukee Bucks had announced the agreement with the small forward Giannis Antetokounmpo for four years and amounting to $100 million according to the trusted source. However, the maximum salary was $106 million within four years but the rising young star considered the team's...
  20. AsiaMan

    NBA News Knicks Kristaps Porzingis Aiming For Playoffs

    ARDSLEY, New York City - Kristaps Porzingis, Power Forward from New York Knicks - has a clear target for reaching the playoffs in the upcoming season. As a recap, the Knicks missed the playoffs for three consecutive seasons. However team president Phil Jackson created a roster in which will be a...