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esport/cs:go DreamEaters - Skin Ogres


Sep 9, 2019
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My pick : Skin Ogres @ 2,1
Date : 27.01 17:00

prediction source -> esporttalk.org

" DreamEaters is considered to be the favorite in this game, in my opinion it's not right. There's a substitution in the team that was to help the team. Vitosh was replacing the CHEHOL player, but this shift as long as it turns out to be a failure. Im not sure it is a lack of chemistry and the right amount of games or maybe this guy just doesn't fit into this team. Anyway, I think dream played a few games this year to be really able to spread its wings. On the other hand, we have a Bulgarian team that did not play many games either, but were drafted with a new player. Yanko gentlemen means the blocker looks good and the team seems to be well placed"
APK a strange team recently won 2:0, although no one even thought such a surprise. I'm risking Shalke today in LEC at 3,4