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IEM - astralis vs vitality


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Sep 3, 2019
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It’s impossible to escape from this match and not try your hand at picking the winner. Both teams are very well prepared. Let’s compare their first matches. The first map in the duel between Astralis and Cloud9 is mainly a great showcase of the device, which scored 26 kills, opened rounds five times. Thanks to that he got a great rating - 1.81. The beginning, however, was a great start to what many people sensed - Astralis will not approach 100% from the beginning. In the beginning, in four consecutive duels, the team consisting mainly of players from the USA and South Africa won. The mini shock did not last long, however. The team of champions by winning ten rounds in a row showed that C9 did not play with them. After the change of sides, the Danes won the first pistol round, lost another three great series and the beautiful dream of the C9 team quickly went away. Interestingly, it was already much harder on Train. Until the break we had a surprising 8:7 result. The match was very even for a long time and was characterized by a particularly good disposition of Xyp9x and a device in the end which finally proved who is better.