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Favourite poker site

Well, I have tried a heaps of various poker rooms, but now I Play Card Games Online at CasinoMagic. It's very nice and user-friendly. I am totally committed to CasinoMagic because I found my favorite type of poker there - Oasis poker. It's awesome :cool:
thees are some poker sites i like
Titan poker
party poker
poker stars.... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
You can perform no cost @ poker stars too_One factor i like in PS is that there is a factor known as "HomeGames" where u can create texas holdem team and encourage ur buddies to be a part of and perform (there we can create LW Poker competition if u want).But i like FTP more cuz of the freerolls and Hurry Poker and cuz i have actual cash consideration there
For me it's pokerstars, before and after that Friday I'm still with them and I'm happy there.
Looks like they got bad reviews for last year. Most players have delayed payments.
My favourite would be Ladbrokes because of - 1. nice costumer support, 2. quite fair promotions, 3. their Poker School
Poker school? Interesting.. :)
Yep, they even have that included in their portfolio, as i am quite new in all this (just discovered my hobby :) ) it was easy having such a nice thorough guidance
I mostly play pot limit omaha these days, for mid stakes and high stakes in the cash games. I prefer to play at Full Tilt for my ROW site because they still run up to 25/50 pLO games with some regularity and while the maximum stakes are far lower at 3/6, the I play the PLO at Carbon Poker so that I can still beat up on the USA fish.
according to my openioun jungle rummy is the on of the best poker game. In this on line and off line games are available, and in these we can play either free games or paid games. some free entry tornments are there in this we can get cash, prizes and tickets for paid games. so i like this very much.
for me pokerstars is good