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Betting Forum Favorite casino game ?

Do any of your guys play at Huuge or Billionaire's casino? They are free games but they are awesome! My favorite is the Classic 81. It is a pretty loose machine with very nice graphics. My two cents.
I love to play slots and poker as online casino games. There are some others like roulette and blackjack also that I play sometime. Also, it mostly depends on the site I choose to play, one of my favourite go-to sites is bodog.
I really like the Book of the Dead slot. The design of the slot Book of the Dead in PM Casino from the popular manufacturer Play'n GO in many ways resembles the legendary books, while it features well-designed graphics, mysterious sounds and additional effects.
The popularity of casinos is rising. It means that sometimes people like to gamble. We don't always win, unfortunately. The real fun for most people is to play the game— not just to win.
Slot Game
Slots machines play a range of games. A player deposits coins in the system typically.
Card game's Blackjack. The room – also known as the dealer – and the player are played. Every player receives two cards and has two players. There is a single card for the dealer.
The player puts their chips on the table for wagering in roulette. There are 0-36 and 00 numbers on the chart. It has additional bets for even-cool, red-black, low 18-high, low / middle / high 12 and for columns 1/2/3.
Craps is a game of dice. The players make bets on the outcome of a roll of a pair of dices or a number of rolls. The shooter earns whatever she bets if she turns seven or 11 on the first roll of a dice.
Depends on the casino.
In Vegas I love playing Pai Gow because they allow you to buy the dealer's hand. It's a lot of fun, especially when there is a full table.
At the little casino in Kansas I used to go to, they had a weekly hold ’em poker tournament that was a $10 buy-in and, after the first table broke, they would start a pineapple game. It was mostly us dealers playing and was always a TON of fun! That casino also had quarter craps every Monday night so you could go learn the game for super cheap. I miss those days…
I have tried Baccarat but then i can't win this game. In Asia, famous game is Xoc Dia, Sicbo, Blackjack. I'm looking into it gradually
I can't single out anyone game. Almost any casino is interesting and exciting. At least, I've played all of them, which were once listed at the top of the best casino games. At the moment I was interested in the International Business Times. It's something unusual and new to me. I enjoy it, and I understand that I can develop in this field. Perhaps it can be called one of my favorite things to do at the moment. Of course, I almost forgot to mention my favorite casino. Anything. It's as simple as that.
I really like Roulette and Baccarat. When at live casino, I enjoy Blackjack and Niu niu
Actually I like two of them poker and slots. These are my two favorite I play them all the time
I noticed that casino blackjack is the most favorite casino game here. Well, there's no doubt about it because blackjack happens to be the most fantastic and relaxed atmosphere for any gambler available out there.
Casino Blackjack is the best place for gamblers here they are very happy . I loved casino.
Poker has always been my favourite casino game. Easy to play and understand.
For my entertainment, I have always chosen very complex online games, because only in this way the interest and desire to complete the game with a victorious finale increases, and besides, it develops, and thereby increases the personal intellectual level, which by the way is very important for the self-development of the individual. In addition, abrupt and unexpected changes that can occur in the process itself have a positive effect on the speed of thinking, which also appeals to me. Developing such mental qualities in oneself contributes to intense mental activity that helps me to win at online casino slots, which brings incredible pleasure and joy of victory.
I love online casino....live22 is my favorite casino game....Did anyone played and enjoyed? please reply
the new MyJackpot and Slotland.