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Betting Forum Favorite casino game ?

I have my list of casino games that are mentioned below:

Wheel of Fortune
Black Jack

and other microgaming games.
I love to play Roulette and also I like to play Multiplayer Poker, these games improves my mood for a large part of the day.
Like many other guys wrote here, I like mostly slots, especially Novomatic ones ;-)
Mostly slots games.. i like Netent slots a lot but there's some good ones from Microgaming too like Immortal Romance and Dark Knight
Blackjack is the only game that i play when i go to AC. I never hit the slot machines but I think about it. The thing is that with blackjack the majority of the time I cam win at least a little or break even. I know the other games I am going to loose, but they may be fun.
I would say slots and blackjack. the latter is especially easy to play. even if you chose to play for real. small bets bring small losses. you win anyway at the end.
I guess, poker is the most ahead of many online casino games. This type of game actually rely much in skills and experience and sometimes luck.
"If playing casino is the only way to get known then I will be playing it forever..." that is absolutely about me! especially, *age of knights* (cafe.inbet knows how it works :)
Blackjack is а classic thing, thinking always wins
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For me, the favorite game of online casino are slot machines. Very often I play slot machines Book of Ra.
I'd say themed slots are my favourite casino game, but in terms of actually taking home a profit I'd say blackjack.
What is your favorite casino game?

The only thing I touch at casino are the slots. Obviously set to lose your money, but its pure fun.
They are my favorite.

Slots of course! but playing roulette and craps at the same time. Like it!