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Betting Forum Favorite casino game ?

I enjoy playing casino now since most of the big league has been ended.. like Soccer and NBA.. but there is still Wimbledon Tennis to bet for! I usually played Blackjack, Baccarat and some of the Slot Machines!... and I was really hoping to HIT their Casino Jackpot!
Have you heard????

I've seen some of the related forum site that one in Thailand got Casino Jackpot!!!!

wooooaaaahhhhh! that pretty high.....

I'll always play Casino now.. and HIT the JACKPOT!!!!!!
When I am low on Gambling funds I like to play Pai Gow Poker. You can basically play for a long time because of the pushes. The only bad thing is the commission you have to pay when you win.There is a new game called Ultimate Hold-Em. You play against the dealer instead of other players. This is also fun but the minimum amount is about $20.00 per hand.
I am crazy about to playing casino games.
My fav is Blackjack and Party poker because these both are nice and easiest game.
Me I enjoy all the casino games but I mostly play roulette,slots and blackjack. :D
Favorite game in casino

My favorite game in casino is slots it’s most enjoyable game in casino. There is no chance of cheating or doge that is all about luck. I also like poker but not more than slots.
i enjoy playing poker, bacarrat, blackjack and roullete in wildjunglecasino try this site guys...
i like to play casino game..mostly i played slots, but thees are some game i like
On line keno
On line blackjack
On line craps :) :D :lol:
my favorite games are roulette and poker...just classics
Plying game is one of my hobby. My favourite casino games are like list of given below:

1) Call of duty 4.
2) Blackjack.
3) The American Roulette.
4) Lucky Lady's Charm.
5) Slot machines.
Here are some of mine favorite Casino games that i love to play. And those are Wheel of Fortune, Baccarat, Wheel of Fortune, Roulette and Black Jack.