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  1. kasper

    Bet Pro Tips by Kasper :)

    Hey guys! There are plenty of interesting matches for the last round of EPL, so I would like to share my prediction for one particular: Newcastle vs Chelsea 😎 Newcastle will be missing some key players and won't have their strongest lineup available. They have already secured a Champions...
  2. ryandecker

    Premier Bets | Premier League Predictions – BETTING SITES RANKING

    Betting Sites Ranking offers convenient options for Premier League lines, spreads betting Make the most of your Premier League predictions and relegation odds
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    England Premier League, 26-28 January

  4. S

    England Premier League, 14-16. March 2020

  5. S

    England Premier League, Round 26, February 08-17, 2020

  6. S

    England English Premier League, 1-2 January, 2020 - Matchday 21

  7. S

    English Premier League Matchday 20, December 28-29

  8. S

    England English Premier League Matchday 19, December 26-27

  9. AsiaMan

    England English Premier League Matchday 18, December 21-22

    Everton vs Arsenal Time: 20:30 GMT+8 on December 21, 2019 Venue: Goodison Park Key Insights: Arsenal has registered at least one goal from the last two on the road games. Arsenal is undefeated from 2 on the road games. Arsenal had 11 goals coming from their last 3 travel matches. Arsenal...
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    England English Premier League Matchday 17, December 14-16

  11. S

    England English Premier League Matchday 16, December 7-9

  12. S

    England English Premier League Matchday 15, December 3 -5

  13. S

    Premier Laegue, Week 10, October 26-27

  14. S

    Premier Laegue, Week 9, October 19-21

  15. S

    Premier Laegue, Week 8, October 5-6

  16. S

    Premier Laegue, Week 5, September 14-16

  17. S

    Premier Laegue, Week 4, August 31 - September 1

  18. S

    England Premier League Week 38, May 12

  19. S

    Premier League, 26-28 April 2019

  20. Eurobettingtips - Football and Basketball Tips

    Dear community you all who are interested in sportsbetting tips for Football and Basketball with excellent strategy from the biggest leagues in Europe. About us: What can you do in 60 seconds? Watch another advertisment on TV? Read 250 words? Run a mile? What would you say if I tell you that...