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Sports Tipping with prizes 27April-03May

Betis v Atletico de Madrid -> Team 2 wins @2,52
Genoa v Sampdoria -> Team 1 wins @2,36
Rosenborg v Fredrikstad -> Team 1 wins @1,54
Bordeaux v Sochaux -> Team 1 wins @1,36
Another new feature of out forum is the chat - chat.php
After we test it and is working fine it will be added in the menu. You can try it now. Its very good for discussions on live scores while watching a match.
still waiting for dany to update it, after that the top 3 send me their betfair username as fast as possible so we can email betfair to give you the prizes.
The top 3 are:
1.Zero-Cold +17.22/10
2.danyy +14.8/10
3.spitfirebg 14.38/10

if u see any mistake write please.
U can write to admin for your betfair accounts
Cool, thanks for updating that dany, now I need only your usernames for betfair, send them to me with pm.
Hellow guys,
i see that i took 3rd place. But unfortunately i don't have a betfair account. And i saw that making a betfair account is a really hard and time-wasting thing for me at this time, because i have a lot of work on my head :x
So i wanna ask you can you give my 5GBP to @Zero-Cold,
Give it to me, bro. I really need this money for one experiment in betfair, but don't have unnecessary moneys right now. :oops: :oops:
Okay, so who is going to take his prize, please confirm that :D
Okay, dany just sent me his username so I guess tommorow you should receive your free bets. Please post screenshot or something after you receive it.
Still nothing:

Total available: £0.00
Main wallet: £0.00
AUS wallet: £0.00

I just wish there would be another tipping prize for this year. I don't see many of them around.