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Good bets from bet4million

Staircase 2.0 is back in action!
When I was a blogger, I tried this strategy for a while. And even successfully and absolutely publicly, if anyone remembers that very match with Manchester United, when my winnings amounted to 200K ..

Many years have passed since that moment. I want to continue in this direction. The risks there are minimal and you can hit the jackpot.

The strategy is very simple. Bets are made with odds 2.00. The starting rate is the minimum. For example, $100.

First bet: 100 *2.00 = $200
Second bet: 200 * 2.00 = $400
Third bet: 400 * 2.00 = $800
Fourth bet: 800 * 2.00 = $1.600

All Pinnacle line bets are 100% verified and FREE!
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☕️ Hello everyone! Despite the fact that in general I am satisfied with my results. But to reach them (according to Pinnacle, 74.77% are big markets and high middle markets: Profit 💲+25.98, 💹 ROI +4.66), it took a lot of effort. I think I can do better. Strongly better.

I'm changing tactics. All the matches of the tour no longer bet. Now I choose only those markets (the championships will remain the same, new ones will not be added), for which the maximum of factors are suitable. Where there are line errors, market errors, wrong trends, etc.

All Pinnacle line bets are 100% verified and FREE!
Telegram channel (all the news there) - t.me/bet4million
Bengaluru - Hyderabad АН1 (-1.0) 4.64
India. Major League. Not really sure. But I think that odds for guests are too high. Probabilities are 60 to 40. Even 65 to 35. Value on the hosts.
STAT. Picks 930, Profit +40.05, ROI +4.31
STAT. Picks 12, Profit +20.12 (*5% = 100.6), ROI +167% (WDL 7-0-5)

All Pinnacle line bets are 100% verified and FREE!
Telegram channel (all the news there) - t.me/bet4million
STAT. Picks 1042, Profit +68.51, ROI +6.57

All Pinnacle line bets are 100% verified and FREE!
Telegram channel (all the news there) - t.me/bet4million
It's time to sum up the results of work for two months according to the statistics on Expari.

Distance: 1170 stakes / Profit +59.13 / ROI +5.05 (limits >1000 - 77.61% of played markets).

The goal was to get profit ~90 / ROI ~8-9. Well, this would be an almost theoretically possible maximum on a large stream of bets. A more realistic indicator is ~70 profit / ROI ~7. It can be said that I did not have much to reach my goal. The main thing now is that I'm doing everything right for the most part and moving in the right direction.

From kf in the corridor 4-6 I expected a completely different result. A retrospective analysis showed a good value. Maybe I didn't analyze this corridor enough. But in practice, it was these odds that turned out to be completely unplayable at a distance (52.48% of the played markets).

What's next:

1. On the main stream I work only kf 2.50 - 4 and 6+. Distance: 505 stakes. Profit +73.57 / ROI +14.56

2. But the most interesting thing is the 5% rates. The right direction would be to put serious money not on overcuffs (where there is a high dispersion), but on kf ~ 2 - 2.50. Faster, more reliable. Of course, as a poker player, variance doesn't scare me and don't drive me into tilt. But if it is possible to get the same amount or more with less risk, then you need to get more and risk less.

All Pinnacle line bets are 100% verified and FREE!
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Hello everyone. I publish several bids (verified!):
➡️ My telegram: t.me/bet4million


Updated In-Play statistics.
📊 In-Play (Archive): Bids: 1431; Turnover 4293, Profit +403.80, ROI +9.40
Taking into account the current:
📊 Rates: 1462; Turnover 4386, Profit +489.75, ROI +11.16
📊 Ladder Strategy.
Maximum at the moment: 2/4.
Yes, I would like to hurry up. But the prize money is also appropriate. These are not bets on any tinker garbage for 1.70. You can place single bets. ROI +20.95 .

All Pinnacle line bets are 100% verified!
Telegram channel - t.me/bet4million
Hello everyone! I am reporting progress.
And I offer everyone FREE forecasts. takemoney.blogabet.com
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55 Picks +435 Profit +81% Yield​

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I want to tell you about a very cool strategy.
✅ Strategy: $100 > $10,000!
The goal is four wins in a row with a fixed initial amount. You can collect your winnings after the third round. The strategy is played strictly with the starting bid. The details are in my telegram channel.

1️⃣ $100 * 4.00 = $400
2️⃣ $400 * 4.00 = $1.600
✅ $1.600 * 4.00 = $6.400
🏆 $6.400 * 4.00 = $25.600

100% FREE takemoney.blogabet.com
Telegram channel - t.me/bet4million
Guys, sometimes I write articles in my telegram channel.

About the real meaning of the psychology factor in betting.

Probably no one will argue with the statement worn to holes about how important psychology is in betting. But few people think about when exactly the psychology factor turns on for the bettor? Most bettors will say that psychology starts working from the very first perfect bet.

In fact, in this matter, not everything is as simple and unambiguous as it might seem. Psychology matters at the moment when the player has significant money for him. When there is a realization that some significant money has already been received from the game. And if the player decides to continue, there is something to lose. Try to get even more money, or stop there and give up further risks?

Just do not confuse this fork with passion. Because, as a rule, a sense of excitement turns off rational thinking (not for everyone), the player ceases to soberly assess the probabilities, risks and own opportunities. Although this is a separate topic, and excitement can be both with a plus sign and with a minus sign.

❓ Why is it so easy to get up and so painful to fall in betting?
Because having risen to a certain amount of winnings and succumbing to the fear of further risk of losing this money, most players turn off the thinking of the player in themselves and begin to think rationally like an ordinary person. It is important to understand here that rational thinking helps the bookmaker to gain control over the player.

❓ It turns out that in some periods of the game it makes sense to turn off rational thinking?
Not certainly in that way. Do not confuse turning off rational thinking with thoughtlessness and the desire for unjustified risk. If your knowledge and experience in betting leave much to be desired, then this in itself increases the advantage of the bookmaker over you. The probability that your further moves will also be successful is significantly lower than if you had all the necessary skills.

Hence the expression that beginners are often lucky. But in the end, everything is decided by knowledge, experience and the right psychology.

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