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    How eSports App Development is Transforming The Gaming Industry

    We have been playing a range of sports for centuries and have some glorious memories of most of them. Yes, memories. Playing on the ground has become a memory for many individuals who used to be sports enthusiasts, once upon a time. The reason? Of course, technology advancement! Like other...
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    NeoBet - Upcoming Esport Matches

    29/9/2020 Hey guys, we have some exciting Esport betting matches in stock for you today, starting off with: CS:GO - Online ESEA MDL 18:00 pm: Nordavind - Team Secret 18:00 pm: ALTERNATE aTTaX - Sprout 19:15 pm: Endpoint - Singularity 20:30 pm: Hellraisers - forZe LOL - China World...
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    Upcoming Esport Matches

    24/9/2020 Hey guys, Today we are kicking it off with some very exciting Esports games open to betting! Starting with: DreamHack CS:GO Open 15:00 pm: Movistar Riders - Skade 15:00 pm: C0ntact Gaming - mousesports ESL CS:GO Pro League: 19:00 pm: Evil Geniuses - Furia Esports OGA Dota 2 Pit...
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    Betworld: Industry leading sportsbook and casino.

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    Neobet: Your go to Esports and sports betting platform.

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    Sports vs eSports betting, which is more profitable?

    Hello friends, the coronavirus pandemic kind of opened the eyes of bettors, especially professional bettors who do this for a living. With almost all the major leagues having been on pause for close to 4 months for some, most sports bettors found themselves diving into eSports, some with better...

    Dota2 bet 31.01

    Five Brothers vs Team Lightning Bet : Team Lightning @ 1.8 betting source The matches of these teams are aligned or at least this is indicated by the odds for this match. However, they are a little bit puzzling and surprising to me because Team Lighting is in much better shape and frankly...
  8. estoupedrado

    esport/cs:go DreamEaters - Skin Ogres

    My pick : Skin Ogres @ 2,1 Date : 27.01 17:00 prediction source -> " DreamEaters is considered to be the favorite in this game, in my opinion it's not right. There's a substitution in the team that was to help the team. Vitosh was replacing the CHEHOL player, but this shift as...

    Only esports bet

    My choice for today. The match is just starting, but at the last moment the odds have changed drastically. It's worth to play on 2 at high odds. Nemiga vs Invictus 12:00 // 28th of December 2019 Bet: Nemiga @ 3,75 at bet365 The source, among others, from the user on
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    eSports Portal

    Hi everyone, I'm the founder of The basic idea of the website is to provide information to people interested of eSports - with or without knowledge. Project is fully functioning but still in beta phase, so feedback is very appreciated.
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    Best eSports Betting Site 2019

    Hello everyone! 😉 My name is Valentine Smith. I am keen on esports! I like such games as: 🏆Smite, 🏆CS GO, 🏆Overwatch, 🏆Dota 2, 🏆Starcraft, 🏆League of Legends. I played for a long time. But once I asked myself: "How can I make money on my hobby?". After analyzing everything, I decided that now I...
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    NBA News Veteran Cavaliers On Age Not A Problem

    Independence , Ohio - The drought for 50 plus years of Cleveland Cavaliers is over and when King LeBron James led his team to Finals as well as winning the title as the NBA Champions 2016. As you can see almost half of the rosters are veterans but the Cavs are pointing out to their top three...
  13. AsiaMan

    NBA News Russel Westbrook On Kevin Durant

    Oklahoma City - All Star Guard Russel Westbrook has only few on OKC's annual media day on Monday when he was asked about his former team mate and now Golden State Warriors Forward Kevin Durant. A short, but interesting line from Westbrook, "I haven't talked to him". The show must go on for the...
  14. AsiaMan

    NBA News Giannis Antetokounmpo Worth $100 Million

    From Monday the Milwaukee Bucks had announced the agreement with the small forward Giannis Antetokounmpo for four years and amounting to $100 million according to the trusted source. However, the maximum salary was $106 million within four years but the rising young star considered the team's...
  15. AsiaMan

    NBA News Lakers Targeting Chinese Star Yi Jianlian

    Rio De Janeiro - The management of the Los Angeles Lakers are in serious discussions with the Chinese Star Yi Jianlian to lure him in the NBA association, according to the trusted sources. The China's 7 footer center is already 28 year old and had a four seasons with Guangdong Southern Tigers in...
  16. AsiaMan

    NBA News David Lee Joining The Spurs

    According to David Lee's agent the former All-Star agreed to a 2 year $3.2 million contract deal with the San Antonio Spurs and also a year 2 option for the player. "We've been talking to the Spurs for quite a while," "There's a number of places he could have gone and done better economically...
  17. AsiaMan

    NBA News Tyronn Lue To 5 Year Extension

    The management of the Cleveland Cavaliers and head coach Tyronn Lue had reached a contract deal on a five year extension, according to trusted source. The first four years are guaranteed while the fifth year is the team option for Lue. Tyronn was already the NBA's highest paid assistant coach...
  18. AsiaMan

    NBA News Latest Free Agency Report 2016

    Portland Trail Blazers - they counter the offer for shooting guard Allen Crabbe from the Brooklyn Nets four year, amounting to $75 million offer retaining the shooting guard in Portland. Meyers Leonard is signing for a $41 million four year deal on Sunday. The Trail Blazers signed Center Festus...
  19. AsiaMan

    NBA News: LeBron James led Cavaliers rout Nuggets 124-91

    The Quicken Loans Arena - Cleveland Cavaliers Superstar LeBron James led his team with 33 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assist to blow out the Denver Nuggets 124-91. J.R. Smith scored 15 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assist, and 4 steals while Channing Frye had 14 points, 3 rebounds, and 2 assist as well...
  20. AsiaMan

    NBA News: Kemba Walker led Hornets beat Pelicans 122-113

    Time Warner Cable Arena - Charlotte Hornets Point Guard Kemba Walker led his team with 35 points, 7 rebounds, 7 assist, and 2 steals to take down the New Orleans Pelicans 122- 113. Nicolas Batum scored 15 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 assist while Marvin Williams had 14 points, 5 rebounds, and 4...