1. esporttalk.org

    Esea League

    Ago vs Crew 2/03 Totally underestimated odds for this csgo match U can play crew for 4.25 1/10
  2. esporttalk.org

    IEM - astralis vs vitality

    Full prediction and betting tips It’s impossible to escape from this match and not try your hand at picking the winner. Both teams are very well prepared. Let’s compare their first matches. The first map in the duel between Astralis and Cloud9 is mainly a great showcase of the device, which...
  3. estoupedrado

    esport/cs:go DreamEaters - Skin Ogres

    My pick : Skin Ogres @ 2,1 Date : 27.01 17:00 prediction source -> esporttalk.org " DreamEaters is considered to be the favorite in this game, in my opinion it's not right. There's a substitution in the team that was to help the team. Vitosh was replacing the CHEHOL player, but this shift as...