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Golden Contender Daily Free Sports Pick Thread

Hump day Card has Rob/s Strongest 2ND Half Side play in the NHL Headlining along with his First MLB Platinum Supreme Max Move and NBA. Comp play below

The MLB Comp play is on the OVER in the Pittsburgh at Washington game at 7 eastern. The Pirates have opened up at 5-0 on the year with all wins on the road. Tonight they fit a nice game 6 specific system that plays over the total for Conference road favorites that are 5-0 vs an opponent with at least 1 win. In the series here 4 of 5 have played over the total. Keller for the Pirates allowed 5 runs in 4 innings in his last start here in Washington. The National have Trevor Williams making his first start and he has gone over in 4 of his last 5 starts last season. Look for this game to go over the total. Rob V-
Friday card has the A.L. West Game of the Month and an Early TOP Unsurpassed Collection Total along with a Perfect NHL System and NBA. MLB Comp play below

The MLB Comp play for Friday is on Toronto at 1:10 eastern. The Jays look to spoil the Yankees home opener her today and we note that road teams in the first 17 games of the year that are off a road loss and had 2 or less hits and won the prior game as a road dog are 11-0 vs an opponent like the Yankees that scored 4 or more runs inf the total is 9 or less. NY has their home opener and they face a Lefty for the first time this season in Kikuchi. The Yanks counter with Stroman in this early season divisional game. Look for the Jays to take the opener

SU: 11-0
RL: 11-0-0

Apr 16, 2008 recap Wed 2008 away Rockies Mark Redman-L Padres Justin Germano-R 10-2 8 W 3.5 O 15-3 0-1 8-0 130.0 8.5 9
Apr 11, 2009 recap Sat 2009 away Pirates Paul Maholm-L Reds Johnny Cueto-R 10-2 8 W 3.0 O 12-6 0-0 9-0 125.0 9.0 9
Apr 19, 2009 recap Sun 2009 away Reds Edinson Volquez-R Astros Felipe Paulino-R 4-2 2 W -3.0 U 7-7 3-1 3-1 -120.0 9.0 9
Apr 07, 2013 recap Sun 2013 away Red Sox Jon Lester-L Blue Jays RA Dickey-R 13-0 13 W 5.0 O 15-7 0-0 13-0 120.0 8.0 9
Apr 12, 2015 recap Sun 2015 away Pirates Casey Sadler-R Brewers Kyle Lohse-R 10-2 8 W 3.5 O 13-5 0-1 8-1 106.0 8.5 9
Apr 15, 2016 recap Fri 2016 away Brewers Jimmy Nelson-R Pirates Jeff Locke-L 8-4 4 W 4.0 O 11-8 2-1 5-0 125.0 8.0 9
Apr 10, 2018 recap Tue 2018 away Mariners Felix Hernandez-R Royals Eric Skoglund-L 8-3 5 W 2.5 O 9-7 0-1 6-0 -113.0 8.5 9
Apr 15, 2018 recap Sun 2018 away Rockies Tyler Anderson-L Nationals Stephen Strasburg-R 6-5 1 W 3.5 O 6-5 1-0 1-2 175.0 7.5 9
Apr 01, 2019 recap Mon 2019 away Giants Drew Pomeranz-L Dodgers Julio Urias-L 4-2 2 W -1.5 U 9-7 0-1 2-2 180.0 7.5 9
Apr 14, 2019 recap Sun 2019 away White Sox Carlos Rodon-L Yankees Masahiro Tanaka-R 5-2 3 W -1.5 U 9-4 1-0 3-2 170.0 8.5 9
Apr 11, 2023 recap Tue 2023 away Padres Ryan Weathers-L Mets David Peterson-L 4-2 2 W -3.0 U 9-5 0-0 3-1 120.0 9.0 9

Apr 05, 2024 recap Fri 2024 away Blue Jays Yusei Kikuchi-L Yankees Marcus Stroman-R 135.0 8.5
Saturday card has 2 big Final 4 Tournament top plays one is an Executive Level Tier 1. There is a rare * NBA Power system, Soccer and Early season MLB Systems. NHL Comp play below

The NHL Comp play is on the Under 5.5 goals in the Vancouver at LA. Kings game at 10:10 eastern. These two are tow of the top defensive units in the league as the Canucks are ranked 7th and the Kings are ranked 3rd overall. In the series goals have been at a Premium as these two are 0-9-1 to the under. Both teams are rested and we expect a tight game here tonight. Look for this game to stay under. On Saturday a top level card us up with 2 big Final 4 Plays, NBA, MLB and Soccer. Jump on now and Cash out as Rob has another big day. For the NHL Comp play. Go Under 5.5 goals in the LA vs Vancouver game. Rob V-
Sunday card led by the Highest Rated 7* NBA Game Of The Year with a Late season Perfect System. We also have exclusive Early season specific MLB Systems and MLB is off fast. Comp play below

At 7 eastern the NHL Comp play is on the OVER 6 goals in the Montreal at NY Rangers game. Each of the last 3 games in the series have yielded at least 6 goals and the game fits a Nice late season over system. The Rangers are looking for a franchise best 53rd win here tonight at the Garden and will likely play hard and fast here. Montreal is ranked 26th on defense and the Rangers are a top 5 scoring team. Look for this game to play over the total here tonight. On Sunday the 7* NBA Game of the Year headlines and is backed with a Perfect Late season long term system. We also have exclusive early season MLB Power system plays. See us at goldencontender@aol.com to Jump on now. For the NHL Comp play go Over the total Montreal vs NYR. Rob V-
Championship Monday is up and Rob has a * Top Undefeated Totals System headlining along with the Side and another big MLB Play after a Sunday sweep. Congrats to all those who cashed out as Rob Nailed his BIG NBA Play on Sunday

At 10 eastern the NHL Comp play is on Vegas. The Knights are off a terrible loss in Arizona where they allowed 7 goals. Since 2007 road dogs of less than 200 that allowed 6 or more goals in a road favored loss are 8-0 if the total is more than 5 and the opponent is also off a road loss. Vegas took out Vancouver 6-3 a few days ago and have won the last 3 here in Vancouver. Look for Vegas to get the win. Rob V-

SU: 8-0

Nov 20, 2010 Saturday 2010 Blackhawks Canucks away 0-0 4-0 3-1 7-1 151 5.5 6 W O 1
Apr 03, 2011 Sunday 2010 Rangers Flyers away 1-1 1-0 0-1 3-2 115 5.5 1 W U 1
Oct 18, 2016 Tuesday 2016 Stars Predators away 0-0 1-1 1-0 2-1 137 5.5 1 W U 0
Jan 22, 2019 Tuesday 2018 Sharks Capitals away 2-3 2-2 2-1 7-6 115 6.5 1 W O 1
Nov 01, 2019 Friday 2019 Jets Sharks away 1-0 1-1 1-1 3-2 130 6.5 1 W U 0
Feb 22, 2020 Saturday 2019 Sabres Penguins away 3-0 0-1 2-1 5-2 190 6.0 3 W O 0
Mar 18, 2021 Thursday 2020 Flyers Islanders away 0-0 3-0 1-3 4-3 130 5.5 1 W O 0
Mar 23, 2023 Thursday 2022 Maple Leafs Panthers away 1-1 3-1 2-0 6-2 120 7.0 4 W O 0

Apr 08, 2024 Monday 2023 Golden Knights Canucks away 100 6.0
Tuesday Card has early Top Champions League Soccer Total and a Double perfect NBA Play. There are also Early Season MLB System plays up with our Top play on the Jays cashing on Monday. NBA Comp play below

At 7 eastern the NBA Comp play is on Indiana. The Pacers are in a nice system that is 13-0 with 11 covers and 2 ties and pertains to late season road favorites, game 70 or later if they are favored by 9 o more and have home loss revenge and a winning record if the total is 190 or more and they are not laying more than 15 points. Indy has revenge for a 130-122 home loss to Toronto. The Pacers are the #1 scoring team in the league. Toronto is off back to back wins but are 0-5 with 1 cover when tryig for a 3rd straight this year. Look for the Pacers to take this one. Rob V-

SU: 13-0
ATS: 11-0-2

Apr 21, 2016 recap Thu 2015 Thunder Mavericks away 131-102 2&2 -9.5 198.0 29 19.5 35.0 27.2 7.8 W W O 0
Mar 24, 2019 recap Sun 2018 Rockets Pelicans away 113-90 1&3 -10.0 227.0 23 13.0 -24.0 -5.5 -18.5 W W U 0
Apr 26, 2019 recap Fri 2018 Warriors Clippers away 129-110 1&1 -10.5 235.0 19 8.5 4.0 6.2 -2.2 W W O 0
May 15, 2021 recap Sat 2020 Suns Spurs away 140-103 1&1 -11.5 226.0 37 25.5 17.0 21.2 -4.2 W W O 0
Mar 15, 2022 recap Tue 2021 Nets Magic away 150-108 1&1 -10.0 232.0 42 32.0 26.0 29.0 -3.0 W W O 0
Apr 01, 2022 recap Fri 2021 Raptors Magic away 102-89 1&1 -11.5 217.0 13 1.5 -26.0 -12.2 -13.8 W W U 0
Apr 08, 2022 recap Fri 2021 Bucks Pistons away 131-101 0&1 -10.0 231.5 30 20.0 0.5 10.2 -9.8 W W O 0
Apr 10, 2022 recap Sun 2021 Hawks Rockets away 130-114 1&1 -12.0 241.5 16 4.0 2.5 3.2 -0.8 W W O 0
Mar 19, 2023 recap Sun 2022 Heat Pistons away 112-100 0&2 -10.0 218.5 12 2.0 -6.5 -2.2 -4.2 W W U 0
Mar 29, 2023 recap Wed 2022 Bucks Pacers away 149-136 1&1 -13.0 237.0 13 0.0 48.0 24.0 24.0 W P O 0
Apr 05, 2023 recap Wed 2022 Nets Pistons away 123-108 0&0 -11.0 217.5 15 4.0 13.5 8.8 4.8 W W O 0
Mar 23, 2024 recap Sat 2023 Suns Spurs away 131-106 1&0 -10.0 231.5 25 15.0 5.5 10.2 -4.8 W W O 0
Mar 31, 2024 recap Sun 2023 Heat Wizards away 119-107 1&1 -12.0 214.0 12 0.0 12.0 6.0 6.0 W P O 0

Apr 09, 2024 recap Tue 2023 Pacers Raptors away 1&1 -10.5 239.5
Sunday card has our Exclusive April Specific MLB System plays along with the NHL Game of the Month and a Big EXECUTIVE LEVEL TIER 1 NBA Headlining. Sunday Comp play below

At 1 eastern the NBA Comp play is on the OVER 214.5 in the Milwaukee at Orlando game. This game fits a final game system that pertains to home favorites of 6 or less with rest in conference games where the total is at least 200 and thye have rest and Road loss revenge if they allowed more than 100 points in their last game and are taking on a team that has a .250 Or higher win percentage. Orlando fits all the qualifiers here. The posted total is adjusted here to account for the injuries to the Bucks. In these final games where teams can be more or less motivated the final game systems are good indicators. Look for this game to play Over the total. Rob V-

Tuesday card has the American League Game of the Month and 2 big NBA Play in System plays one is a Platinum Supreme. There is also a Perfect NHL Top total. MLB Comp play below

On Tuesday the MLB Comp play is on the Dodgers in the run line at -1.5 runs. LA fits a solid system that is 21-2 for home favorites of 200 or more that are off back to back home favored losses the last of which was at -200 or more if they are playing a losing team in non September games. LA should do well here against Corbin who has allowed 15 runs in 15 innings. Look for LA to get the multiple run win. Rob V-
Saturday card loaded with 2 big NBA Plays one is a RARE TIER 1 Side. There is an NHL Perfect System late play and our Exclusive early season MLB System plays which cashed big again last night. NHL Totals Play below

The NHL Comp play at 5 eastern is on the Under 5.5 goals in the NY Islanders vs Carolina Hurricanes game. Looking at the database we see than game 1 round home favorites of more than -180 are 14-1 to the under if they come in off a loss. Look for a tight game here as the visiting team is on a 7-0 run in this series. Some of the game this year have been higher scoring for these two. However, this game should be played very close and likely stays under. On Saturday a massive card is up with 2 big NBA Plays, the Late perfect System NHL Side and more of our MLB which is killing it with exclusive April specific systems. For the NHL Comp play. Go Under 5.5 goals in the NYI vs Carolina game. Rob V-

OU: 1-14-1

Apr 12, 2007 Thursday 2006 Sabres Islanders home 1-0 1-1 2-0 4-1 -325 6.5 3 W U 1
Apr 09, 2008 Wednesday 2007 Penguins Senators home 2-0 0-0 2-0 4-0 -200 5.5 4 W U 1
Apr 09, 2008 Wednesday 2007 Sharks Flames home 1-2 0-1 1-0 2-3 -207 5.0 -1 L P 0
Apr 16, 2009 Thursday 2008 Red Wings Blue Jackets home 0-0 3-1 1-0 4-1 -240 5.5 3 W U 1
Apr 16, 2009 Thursday 2008 Sharks Ducks home 0-0 0-0 0-2 0-2 -220 5.5 -2 L U 1
Apr 15, 2010 Thursday 2009 Capitals Canadiens home 1-1 0-0 1-1 2-3 -278 6.0 -1 L U 1
Apr 16, 2010 Friday 2009 Blackhawks Predators home 0-0 1-0 0-4 1-4 -235 5.5 -3 L U 0
Apr 14, 2011 Thursday 2010 Bruins Canadiens home 0-1 0-0 0-1 0-2 -187 5.0 -2 L U 1
Apr 18, 2014 Friday 2013 Bruins Red Wings home 0-0 0-0 0-1 0-1 -200 5.0 -1 L U 0
Apr 14, 2016 Thursday 2015 Capitals Flyers home 0-0 1-0 1-0 2-0 -230 5.0 2 W U 0
Apr 13, 2017 Thursday 2016 Capitals Maple Leafs home 1-2 1-0 0-0 3-2 -240 5.5 1 W U 1
Apr 12, 2018 Thursday 2017 Lightning Devils home 2-0 1-1 2-1 5-2 -220 6.0 3 W O 0
Apr 11, 2019 Thursday 2018 Flames Avalanche home 0-0 2-0 2-0 4-0 -190 6.0 4 W U 0
May 03, 2022 Tuesday 2021 Flames Stars home 1-0 0-0 0-0 1-0 -230 5.5 1 W U 0
May 04, 2022 Wednesday 2021 Oilers Kings home 0-0 3-0 3-0 6-0 -210 6.5 6 W U 0
May 05, 2022 Thursday 2021 Panthers Capitals home 2-0 3-1 0-0 5-1 -275 6.5 4 W U 0

Apr 20, 2024 Saturday 2023 Hurricanes Islanders home -230 5.5
Saturday card has the NBA Round 1 Game of the year Headlining the NBA Along with a TOP MLB Total and 2 NHL Historical System plays. Late NHL Comp play below

The NHL Comp play is on Dallas at 10:30 eastern. After a fabulous regular season the Stars find themselves down 2-0 having lost the last 2 on their home ice.. Now they take t Vegas for game and all time in round 1. Game 3 road teams that have dropped the first two are 24-17 and since 2007 they are 7-3 if they were favored in both those home losses. Dallas should play with desperation and only played once here losing 3-2 in a shoot out. Expect another close game here and we will back Dallas. RV
Sunday card has the NBA Round 1 West Conf. TOTAL of the Year headlining the NBA Card along with an Executive Level TIER 1 in the NHL and our MLB Early season Power systems. NHL Comp play below

The NHL Comp play is on Nashville at 5 eastern. The Predators are 4-1 at home off a home game where they scored 1 or no goals. In NHL Game fours home favorites off a home loss scoring 2 or less that were off a prior road dog win and a road loss in game 1 have won 5 of the 6 times this has happened since 2007. In a series the projects to be a long one that goes 6-7 games we look for Nashville to bounce back and get the win. Rob V
Monday card has 3 Top plays including the NHL Round 1 Total of the Year, a 6* MLB Blowout System and the NBA Playoff Game of the Month. MLB Comp totals Play below

The MLB Comp play is on the Over 9 runs in the NY. Yankees at Baltimore game at 6:35 eastern. NYY has caught fire and has scored 30 runs over the last 2 days. Now they take to Baltimore and from the Database we see that home teams like Baltimore that are off a home loss in the first game of a series have flown over 80% of the time since 2004 vs a team like NY that scored 15 or more runs in their last game. In the series these two have gone over in 8 of the last 10 games. Schmidt for NY has not gone more than 5 innings in any of his starts and could have a tough time here against this lineup. Grayson goes for the O/s and he was roughed up last out allowing 7 runs and pitches into a hot Yankee lineup. Look for this game to play over the total. On Monday Rob starts the week fast with his NHL Round 1 top total, his NBA Playoff Game of the Month and a rare 6* MLB Blowout system. See us at goldencontender@aol.com or DM to Jump on now as we stay hot in all sports. For the MLB Comp play. Go Over 9 runs Yankees vs Orioles. Rob V-
Tuesday card has the Round 1 NHL Side play of the Year with an UNDEFEATED Game 5 system a Big 6* in the Pacers vs Bucks game backed with a 100% ALL TIME Historical Angle along with MLB Top play $$ BIG on Celtics on Monday. NBA Comp play below

The NBA Comp play is on Orlando at 8 eastern plus the 5 points here. This series has been a bust for a close game with each team winning pretty easily at home in the first 4 games. Historically, However, thats where things seem to change. In game five of a series where the host team has won every game in round 1, the visiting team has covered all 4 times when they allowed less than 90 points in back to back games. The Magic played much better on defense in games 3 and 4 holding the Cavs to under 90 in both. Now we will see if they can carry that momentum back to Cleveland and at he very least get the cover. On Tuesday Rob has his Round 1 NHL Side play of the year headlining along with a BIG 6* NBA Going with a NEVER lost Historical Model in the Bucks vs Pacers game. There is also MLB power Systems on the Card. CONGRATS to all those with Rob last night Cashing his NBA Play on Boston. For the Comp play tonight go with Orlando plus the 5 points. BOL Rob V- Golden Contender Sports
Hump Day Card has the NBA Round 1 West Conf. Game of the Year headlining along with a 6* Rare 2X Perfect NHL Playoff System. MLB Comp Play below

The MLB Comp Play is on the Under 8.5 runs in the Kansas City at Toronto Game at 3:10 eastern. Nice pitching Matchup here as Bassitt goes for the Blue Jays and he has been much better in day games this year and is on a 5-0 run at home in May starts. He takes on Lugo and the Royals here today. Lugo has not allowed a run in 14 road innings this year and has allowed 2 or less runs in 5 of his 6 starts. He has a stellar 1.96 day time Era. These two have gone under the total in 8 of the last 9. Look for a tight game that stay under. Rob V- Golden Contender Sports
Saturday card has perfect system plays in the NBA and NHL along with Soccer and an Executive Level MLB Play and the Kentucky Derby. MLB Comp play below

The MLB Comp play is on Pittsburgh at 4 eastern. The Pirates are in a powerful bounce back system for home favorites that lost and scored 2 or less runs as a home favorite and were shutout in the prior game. Colorado took the opener 3-2 in the first game all year where they held a lead and went into the ninth inning holding off the Pirates 3-2. The Rockies, however are 0-7 on the year off a win. The Pirates have Jones going and he has allowed 3 or less in all 6 starts. He has better overall numbers than Rockies lefty A.Gomber. Look for the Pirates to snap their losing streak and get the dub here. On Saturday Rob has another big card up with Undefeated historical database systems in the NBA and NHL, along with the Kentucky Derby, Soccer and a Big TIER 1 in MLB. Jump on as Rob Continues to cash. For the Comp play. Play on Pittsburgh. Rob V-
Sunday card up with TOP NHL, NBA and MLB- Comp play below

The NHL COMP play at 4 eastern is on the over in the Carolina at NY. Rangers game. This game fits a solid totals system that is a perfect 7-0 for playoff home teams in either April or May where the home team has 5+ days of rest and the opponent has at least 4 days rest and played at home last out. The games average 7.1 goals since 2007. Look for this game to go over as both teams have fresh legs here.

OU: 7-0-0 Final

Team 4.4
Opp 2.9

May 29, 2010 Saturday 2009 Blackhawks Flyers home 2-3 3-2 1-0 6-5 -187 5.5 1 W O 0
May 14, 2011 Saturday 2010 Bruins Lightning home 1-3 0-0 1-2 2-5 -149 5.5 -3 L O 1
May 13, 2012 Sunday 2011 Coyotes Kings home 1-1 1-1 0-2 2-4 100 4.5 -2 L O 0
Apr 30, 2015 Thursday 2014 Ducks Flames home 2-0 2-0 2-1 6-1 -200 5.5 5 W O 0
May 01, 2015 Friday 2014 Blackhawks Wild home 3-0 1-3 0-0 4-3 -140 5.0 1 W O 0
Apr 26, 2018 Thursday 2017 Golden Knights Sharks home 4-0 1-0 2-0 7-0 -147 5.0 7 W O 0
May 27, 2019 Monday 2018 Bruins Blues home 0-1 2-1 2-0 4-2 -170 5.5 2 W O 0

May 05, 2024 Sunday 2023 Rangers Hurricanes home -105 5.5
Monday card has 2 BIG Bangers in the NBA Playoffs and MLB Headlining. Comp Play below

The MLB Comp play is on the Phillies at 4 eastern. The Phils are in a solid 82% system here today for home favorites that are playing in day action in game 4 of a series and have won the first 3 of the series and scored at least 5 runs in their last game and have a win percentage of .550 or better and are taking on a team under .500 and the total today is 8 or lower. The Phils have Wheeler going and he has allowed 1 run over his last 3 starts. The Giants will be going heavy into the pen today and they have lost 5 of 6 on the trip. Look for the Phils to break out the Brooms. Rob V

The Hump day Comp play is on the LA. Dodgers on the run line at 3:10 eastern. LA has won by more than 1 run in 16 of their last 18 wins. Miami has lost by more than 1 run in 25 of their last 27 losses. LA is an amazing 94-7 in the last game of a series if they had at least 1 home run in their last game and are favored at -200 or higher vs a starting pitcher with an Era over 4. LA has Gavin Stone going and he has started to catch fire allowing just a pair of ruins over his last 2 starts spanning 15 innings. Weathers for Miami wont be in ling here against this LA Lineup. Look for LA To get multiple run win here. GL Rob V
Saturday card has 2 TOP NBA Plays, Side and total both from Undefeated system, along with a rare Historical system in the LATE NHL and a Platinum Supreme MLB Tonight. Comp play below.

The NHL Comp play for Saturday is to play over 5.5 goals in game 4 of the NY. Rangers at Carolina game. There is a nice scoring system that has cashed 80% to the over long term for road dogs like NY that are off a road dog win and back to back home wins with the both of the last 2 wins coming in over time. Ever game in the series could have gone either way and game 4 should be tight but we should see some scoring here as both teams have generated solid chances with several odd man rushes. Look for this game to play over the 5.5 goal total. Rob V-
Monday card has TOP Total in the NBA and a late 5* in the NHL. There is also MLB. Monday Comp play below

The MLB Comp play for Monday is on the over 6.5 runs in the Washington at Chicago game at 7:40 eastern. There is a nice scoring system for road favorites like Washington that are off back to back road dog losses and scores less than 3 runs in their last game, vs an opponent like The White Sox that are off a home dog shutout loss and the posted total is more than 7. Since 2004 this system has cashed to the over all 6 times it has been in play. Flexen and Williams are making the start tonight and while both have been solid of late this game likely gets over the total once the pens get involved as neither starter works deep into their starts. Look for this game to play over the total. Rob V-