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Casino bonuses good or bad!!

why would be bad to gain bonuses? ahahah.. Of course it's good.
Actually it's not always correct and depends what you are looking for.
If you just care about playtime - then bonuses always good.
If you wish to increase your winning chances- more than half of casinos bonuses (actually more than 80%), will do just the opposite. You need to see if the bonus is cashable and what are the WR to see if it's good or bad.
Without risk, it is not possible to win, bonuses give good prospects for newbies. There is always a chance to win.
Bonuses are good for newbies, it's much easier to start and you have an opportunity to understand if it's for you
Bonuses always have terms attached and understanding all of them can be very challenging for an inexperienced player. Especially when playing at disreputable or crooked online casinos, this can bring a punter easily in trouble as the casino may lay out many terms against the player.
I think bonus online casinos offer new customers is a great incentive -free money, but it can be a 'trap' to inexperienced players. Each bonus has a string of prices attached to it known as the fine print that prevents bonus hunters from abusing the casino's generosity.
I got started with a 5,55€ no deposit bonus at Mr Ringos, I thought it was quite nice (I'm not very experienced, though) and as I read the bonus conditions before taking the bonus, I knew what a wasn't allowed to play or do. I'm still playing with my first bonus for a deposit, though, so I can't say anything about this one yet, except that I enjoy playing there.^^
I got $10 free to try at breakoutgaming , you only have to download their software it takes only 1 minute it's worth it .
If you are strategy player . You should Join more casino and hunter casino bonus . If not, you should'tn reive . Win 30-50usd then withdrawtth for safe :)
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Bonuses are great, just check the T&Cs because often with a bonus you have to play through it many times and it might take a long time before you can withdraw!
Without bonuses it is impossible, bonuses are a good incentive
which betting agency? French customers are accepted?

Betibc agency. I dont know about french, but you can ask their support. they can help and tell you if your country is accepted. if not, they may offer solutions.
Bonuses are good on paper but some sites will make you play through winnings x50+ times before you can withdraw. I've been caught out by this in the past.

Check out PlayOJO, there are no wager requirements whatsoever with these guys. SkyVegas are very good too for Europe. Good luck.

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No deposit is always good if you can withdraw it later. If you don't want bonus for a reason that you dont want to playthrough the funds over 30 times you can write the casino and refuse the bonus. In that way you can always withdraw your deposited money without playthrough.