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What’s Better: No-Deposit or No-Wagering Online Casino Bonuses?

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Jul 11, 2008
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The American online casino market has rapidly become incredibly competitive for platforms. They started out with welcome offers like others have long done in other countries, but the potential of the market has clearly already influenced the standard state of play.

To become the most appealing of all of the sites available, brands had to enhance their welcome bonuses a lot. This meant creating bonuses that essentially have a headline saying that they don’t have one of two staples of the traditional bonus structure. It’s quite the pivot, but now, players have two very favorable options.

So, which is better: no-deposit or no-wagering bonuses?

How the bonuses are utilized​


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While both remove a key term and condition from a regular welcome bonus, the no-deposit and no-wagering offers work very differently. No-deposit bonuses are the most frequently encountered. Without delving too deeply into the T&Cs attached – for that, you can read more at BonusFinder – no-deposit bonuses are free sign-up bonuses.

All that you need to do to get a no-deposit bonus is sign up and verify your account. Without the need to deposit any real money, the bonus becomes free playing time. If you get free spins, the bonus will likely be tied to select slots. Money bonuses can be used on slots, but also on classic table games like European Roulette.

The way that no-deposit bonuses conform to regular welcome bonuses is with the wagering requirements. As they’re free funds to use on casino games, platforms have to mitigate the risk of a big loss – or rather, a big win for the player. So, no-deposit bonuses tend to have among the longest of all wagering requirements found in bonuses.

No-wagering bonuses dispel this element. You place your deposit, get the bonus on top of your real-money deposit, and then you get to keep all of your winnings without the need to roll over the amounts. Again, given the risk, the bonuses tend to be fairly limited in their amount and sometimes the games that can be played.

A freebie versus potential winnings​


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No-deposit bonuses are a free hit for both the player and the casino. The bonus doesn’t require any real money to get the playing time, and the wagering requirements often mean that the bonus won’t convert to a withdrawal. It’s like the free sample method detailed by The Atlantic, but without an upfront cost to the casino as the bonus is just digital.

The no-wagering bonuses do require money to be committed by both sides. You need to deposit to trigger it, but in return, you can keep everything you win. In this sense, no-wagering bonuses have a slight edge. This is predominantly because of the prevalence of demo modes on games – some of which can be accessed before signing up.

However, making a deposit and playing through the bonus and deposit does, naturally, put you more at risk. If you don’t know much about the platform, it could be considered an unnecessary risk. After all, one of the best uses of a bonus is to explore the full website and see if it’s to your liking first-hand. It might not be, and you may have lost the deposit.

No-deposit and no-wagering bonuses represent big movements toward even more user-friendly offers to new players. The best one for someone who wants to try out games would be the no-deposit, but for someone aiming to stick with the site and try to win, no-wagering bonuses are better.