1. S

    EGB - one of the best betting sites

    Hello everyone. I'd like to make a review of one of the best betting sites. 1) I'll start with the interface, it's intuitive and neatly divided into sections. In the betting section, you can see both live and pre-match betting lines. 2) Additionally, on this website, you can spend time in the...
  2. SvenBets


    Hello. Im back after a while with new offer and one, big WARNING, don't trust guys who don't accept escrow or any safe method before payment to show proof. I sell verfied accounts like BET365, BETFAIR, Unibet, Ladbrokes and rest for orders with e-wallets - Skrill and Neteller / PayPal. (Depends...
  3. isomrat

    Is the Betwinner app free to download?

    Yes, the Betwinner app is free to download for both Android and iOS devices. Download Official Betwinner App for Android & iOS – Latest Version Betwinner App offers a comprehensive online betting and gaming experience, with a wide range of sports betting options, live casino games, and more...
  4. isomrat

    Is online poker just luck?

    A small percentage of people can find themselves addicted to playing poker. If you find playing poker is taking over your life in a negative way, you are losing money you cannot afford to lose, or you think you may have a gambling problem, you should seek professional help. Online poker sites...
  5. isomrat

    Is gambling bad for your brain?

    Engaging in gambling can have both positive and negative effects on the brain, depending on various factors such as frequency of gambling, individual susceptibility, and the type of gambling activity involved. Here are some points to consider regarding the potential effects of gambling on the...
  6. D

    scam software formgenie and mr. steven p bottomley

    Hello, I'm writing to know your feedback about a horse betting topic I'm dealing with. It's a UK-based website and software called formgenie. I have bought the software and I used the software through Mr. Steve P. Bottomley Betfair'account. I would share my experience and I would like to know...
  7. Winn

    History of iGaming: The online iGaming

    The history of online gambling can be broken down into several transformational periods. Let’s discuss each one in more detail. – 1994: Emergence of iGaming. This marks the birth of online gambling, with the creation of the first-ever online gambling website. It provided the initial online...
  8. Winn

    iGaming: The online Gambling

    In the technology-driven world, internet gaming has become a worthy competitor to offline gambling. But what is iGaming, and how does it differ from offline gambling activities? If you are among those striving to uncover this notion, you are at the right place. What is iGaming? iGaming, short...
  9. CrazyGambling

    Betfury 🌏 World's Leading Betting & Casino Platform

    - 🌏 World's Leading Betting & Casino Platform Welcome Bonus Sing Up & Get No Deposit 100 FreeSpins !!!! When registering, use a unique VIP bonus code: VIPCASINO (The promo code "VIPCASINO" will give you the right to claim an additional bonus of $200) When...
  10. CrazyGambling - The Leading Crypto Casino - Drake, UFC, Everton, Alfa Romeo F1 Team The Leading Crypto Casino Use a unique bonus code to open access to all functions of VIP users: game This is a great opportunity to instantly get VIP status without a turnover of $50,000 ( Bonus Vip Code: game ) Exclusive bonus with code: game -
  11. paykassma_payments

    Payment methods for ASIA || iGaming || High-risk

    Do you have an I-gaming project in Asia or are you planning to launch it? Don't know where to get effective payment methods or current methods don't give the desired result? will solve all your tasks and will help make your project more effective in Asia. We provide fully automated...
  12. TipmanTips

    £1300 profit last week at TipmanTips

    Another great week in our premium service. 1400+ subscribers making a 2nd income, paying the bills, reducing hours at work. Why haven’t you joined yet 🤷 Let me know if you’ve got any questions By following us you should be making at least £100 a month on average...
  13. Melbet Partners

    Melbet Partners | GEO Chile

    Today, we’re gonna talk about how to drive traffic in Chile. A small GEO with about 20,000,000 inhabitants, each earning an average of $1,500. Among the main advantages of traffic in this state, we note the almost complete lack of competition in the advertising market, the readiness of Central...
  14. LukeJackson

    Seeking advice on no deposit free bets in UK casinos

    I'm on the lookout for guidance regarding casino free bet no deposit UK. Any recommendations or insights on platforms that offer these types of bets would be greatly appreciated!
  15. I

    Euro Qualifiers 2024 - Betting Tips

    Hello Everyone, I'm back with another round of betting tips, unfortunately we went over one throw-in in Malta vs England. For todays Euro Qualifiers games I feel like following positions are good to bet on. England vs North Macedonia - Over 35.5 Throw-Ins. Odds 1.7 @ Israel vs...
  16. I

    Euro Qualifiers 2024 - Betting Tips for 16.06.23

    Hello everyone, As a new user I would like to share some betting tips for todays Euro Qualifier games. Malta vs England - Under 36.5 Throw-Ins. Odds 1.63 @ Gibraltar vs France - First team under 12.5 Fouls. Odds 1.47 @ Gibraltar vs France - Under 33.5 Throw-ins. Odds 1.87...
  17. I

    Euro Qualifiers 2024 - Betting Tips for 16.06.23

    Hello everyone, As a new user I would like to share some betting tips for todays Euro Qualifier games. Malta vs England - Under 36.5 Throw-Ins. Odds 1.63 @ Gibraltar vs France - First team under 12.5 Fouls. Odds 1.47 @ Gibraltar vs France - Under 33.5 Throw-ins. Odds 1.87...
  18. Melbet Partners

    Melbet Partners | RevShare| CPA |Hybrid offers

    MelBet Partners is an affiliate program, a betting company founded in 2015. Today, the platform has over 10,000 active partners worldwide. Visitors are sent to the main landing, where they can bet on many different sports events. There is also an online casino called Melbet that offers more than...
  19. betting.omoyetips

    Omoyetips is a free soccer predictions website that offers users accurate betting tips on various soccer matches. The site provides users with comprehensive analysis, statistics, and expert opinions on upcoming soccer matches, allowing users to make informed decisions when placing bets...
  20. Mikey3

    Helpful and accurate betting prediction system(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!)

    Since he started relying on ZCode forecasts, my mentor has achieved excellent profits that have increased month after month. I've recently started using it too and i've also really appreciated all the useful tips and free tools that have helped me place bets. You can get started with their VIP...