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    When you want to bet big amount and the bookies restrict you

    Hello all, I was wondering if someone in here already experienced being limited in the amount they can bet on an event. For example, I want to bet 200k$ on the next NBA game, but my bookie only accepts 10k$ max bet. How did you react facing this king of issue and what would you suggest to make...
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    Sports vs eSports betting, which is more profitable?

    I plan to release a full article on esport betting on my site soon. So I will have more info to share about this topic and some places where to get predictions too. Will keep you guys updated
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    Gambling Sites that accept USA players

    Have you had a look at the link on my signature? (I'm not sure I can include a direct link in my post) It's a detailed review of some bookies (my favorites one). Some of them accept US gamblers and are regulated, Some of them geo-block Us gamblers but allow their user to use VPNs and allow their...
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    online betting

    True that. My bad I presented things all black and white. I was just trying to emphasize that in general when you gamble against a casino or a bookie it's harder to get an edge than when you play poker (against humans) or Sportsbet en betting exchanges. But for sure, regarding betting...
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    recommended casino sites

    I would recommend Stake and Sportsbet. Have a look in my signature for full review and why I believe these 2 are the one to go...
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    online betting

    Hello :) I personally bet on completely different websites than the one you guys are talking about (have a look in my signature). But If you look for betting exchange, 1xbit offers that. Note: - Betting exchange --> You bet against other individuals bettors. - Betting website --> You bet against...
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    Hey, I use to be a poker pro for 5 years... If you have any questions, shoot it ;)

    Ps: I'm not a pro anymore since 2018 But I might still be able to help a lot of you out ;)
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    Gambling Sites that accept USA players - Crypto

    I actually created a full detailed review of 5 best crypto bookies and some of them are welcoming US players and even one of them is accepting FIAT (traditional currency like USD, GBP and EUR) as a deposit. I attach as image the full review for you to be able to have an overview staying on this...
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    Role of Blockchain Technology in Sports betting Industry

    Thank for the info, I'm also a strong believer of how blockchain technology can empower people to do whatever the want with their money with less control from government. I have seen here and there that people were complaining about the fact gambling was not accessible to them. Do you think...
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    Simply my "hello" to you guys

    Hello, I'm new here and I will be glad to discuss anything related to difficulties to access at betting. It exists solutions that can help to warranty your anonymity and that let you bet on almost any event in the world from anywhere in the world. So if you have any questions, just ping me ;)...
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    Sports vs eSports betting, which is more profitable?

    I think that eSport betting will grow fast during the next 4 years. But right now, I wouldn't feel comfortable to bet a big amount on an eSport match especially because I wouldn't trust that teams are not "cheating"... As an example, it's totally prohibited for a professional athlete to bet on...
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    Gambling Sites that accept USA players

    There are some ways now-days to gamble from the US. Are you guys open to use another currency than $ to place your bets ?