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How do you stop yourself from getting addicted?

If it gets so bad that you have to ask your online casino to block you, you need more help than a forum can give. To not get that far out of control, I set aside a specific amount of money I am willing to lose each week. If I lose it, I am done playing until next week, and that is when I get house and yard work done. :p
I always set my limit and never have high expectations of winning, if i do its a bonus but I rarely wager more than 200.00 a month that's my limit! If I do come out ahead the wife and kids know we get to go do some shopping.
It is not easy to give useful tips in that case, it may vary on a case by case basis. In My case - I play roulette about 10-15 minutes twice or thrice a week, plus, as "Stevenbmt" said: "No more than I can afford to lose".
Casino games are really easy to play and only requires small amount of money to start playing games, do how do you prevent yourself from getting addicted? or if you are addicted to it how are you dealing with it?
I jut prefer play free casino games for fun not for money :)