1. D

    scam software formgenie and mr. steven p bottomley

    Hello, I'm writing to know your feedback about a horse betting topic I'm dealing with. It's a UK-based website and software called formgenie. I have bought the software and I used the software through Mr. Steve P. Bottomley Betfair'account. I would share my experience and I would like to know...
  2. williamcooper

    Role of Telemedicine app after the pandemic

    Telemedicine apps have played a vital role during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing patients to connect with healthcare providers remotely for a variety of medical needs, including: Virtual doctor's visits: Patients can use telemedicine apps to schedule and conduct virtual doctor's visits with...
  3. M

    Inplay odds alert software/website/app needed!

    Hi y'all, new here! Was wondering if anyone knows any software/website/app for live/in-play odds alert. For example, Nadal vs Alcaraz, the odds for Alcaraz to win are 1.65 (pre). What I need is a notification (like gmail, telegram or whatever) IF the live odds hit my target price (let's say...
  4. WillyBet

    Soccer Software

    Hi, My nick is WillyBet, I am from Spain and I have got a worldwide soccer software. I am not a company and I know it is dificult to trust a new product. This is not a spam message and this is my professional life project. I have got a web client and...