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Inplay odds alert software/website/app needed!


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Aug 11, 2022
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Hi y'all, new here!

Was wondering if anyone knows any software/website/app for live/in-play odds alert. For example, Nadal vs Alcaraz, the odds for Alcaraz to win are 1.65 (pre). What I need is a notification (like gmail, telegram or whatever) IF the live odds hit my target price (let's say before the match I set an alert for 1.85 and if the odds for Alcaraz to win hit 1.85, I would get a notification).

Would mainly use it for tennis and football (soccer)

Don't be afraid to ask any questions or if you know anything please let me know.
As a code developer I have been struggling a lot with this feature and at the end deceided not to go live with that. The reason is that you have to buy the data fro a third party. I did my investigation and all of the API providers had a delay in live odds. I mean they were changing but after checking with the website it was hardly ever correct. My theory is that the bookmakers put a delay to their live odss (if they provide them). Another option is programming a crawler, but this is difficult too...
Was actually thinking about this as well, coding one myself, but not that good with code yet. Imo sofascore and flashscore have pretty accurate live odd changes, only 20-30 seconds or so behind (they are using a third-party API as well, right?)

Also found an app (iOS) called Pinnacle Live Scores which has a similar feature, but it's far from perfect. Only has football and US sports, tried football - only for some fixtures it works, not sure why (but was pretty accurate, checked pinnacle's odds like 1-2mins after the notification). There are 3 different possibilities for notifications, but I tried the odds one [like over2.5 goals pre odds are 1.8 and you want the price 2.2 -> then you add a trigger and select the time between (1min - FT)]. When pinnacle's live odds for over2.5 are @2.2 then you get a notification. This is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for but as I said, this only works for football and US sports / and for only some fixtures (perhaps the market line isn't available?).