1. corner-stats

    Germany Stats analysis in live using the Match Intervals tool (using the example of the Union Berlin - Eintracht Frankfurt 28/11/2020 match)

    The team once again welcomes all football statistics fans! Many of our users ask us to explain how the Match Intervals tool works (when a team is winning, playing a draw or is losing). The team reminds that this tool allows you to analyze the statistics of teams...
  2. J

    How to predict draws in soccer?

    Different from other professional sports, the result of a football match can be a Draw – no team wins. Accordingly, there are 3 possible outcomes, Team A wins, Team B wins, or Draw. This betting option means if you pick one of the two teams to win and the game ends up tied at the end of 90...
  3. Richard

    Both Teams to Score Strategy

    Hi, I have used this btts strategy and it help me a lot. Research previous results between the two teams in question. If they have a history of 0-0 draws then maybe avoid backing BTTS, whilst some sides can’t seem to stop being involved in crackers. Look at the form throughout the season of...
  4. estoupedrado

    esport/cs:go DreamEaters - Skin Ogres

    My pick : Skin Ogres @ 2,1 Date : 27.01 17:00 prediction source -> " DreamEaters is considered to be the favorite in this game, in my opinion it's not right. There's a substitution in the team that was to help the team. Vitosh was replacing the CHEHOL player, but this shift as...