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    2019 NFC East division winner

    Who will win the NFC East division during the 2019 NFL regular season? This sports betting article explores whether you should bet the Eagles, the Cowboys, the Redskins or the Giants to win their division this year. Which team has odds to win the division that offers value to savvy sports...
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    Mike Lundin Sports Picks

    Mike Lundin made a name for himself on the SportsCapping network during the soccer World Cup back in 2014. He's since proven himself across all the American sports as well, and has specialized himself in MLB, NBA & NFL over the recent year. His success has earned him a spot on the roster on...
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    Eastbridge Sports Betting

    Eastbridge is a bespoke sports betting solution for all, we can offer a range of services including Skype based betting brokerage, traditional betting via Skype, online brokerage platforms and an API solution for automated trading groups. Also, after partnering with an established and trusted...