1. Andrea Larques

    Is Jake Paul going to win his match against Ben Askren?

    I've been following Jake Paul since his Vine days and he's supposedly fighting a professional MMA fighter in the upcoming months. How is that possible that a Youtube can pick a fight with a professional fighter. Who do you think will win? I'm really rooting for Jake he's very athletic but I...
  2. AsiaMan

    NBA News Milwaukee Bucks Khris Middleton Injury

    Milwaukee Bucks Guard Khris Middleton has suffered torn left hamstring from their Tuesday preseason training, according to team management and expected to be on recovery of 6 months and will not play for the said duration of time. Middleton averaged a career high 18.2 points, 4.2 assists, and...
  3. tennispy

    MMA/UFC 202 - Free advice

    This is how is going to work. We'd would love to hear your comments! We are offering for the next two or three UFC events free tips. Then we charge a 50 USD/event and if you lose money, we reimburse the 50 USD you paid us for the event. What is your opinion about it? For the people who signs...
  4. tennispy

    Infersports the best picks for UFC/MMA: We need your feedback

    Hello folks, We at Infersports are focused on delivering the best picks out there for UFC/MMA. We have over 20 years experience in Martial arts and statistics and so we came up with probably the most solid system around to predict and profit from UFC events. You can check our website...
  5. steveharris


    UFC 189 MCGREGOR VS. MENDES It is a bit disappointing that Aldo has been pulled out for its supposed to be upcoming fight. However, I still want to see how these two will going to perform next week. Anyone?