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Infersports the best picks for UFC/MMA: We need your feedback


May 8, 2016
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Hello folks,

We at Infersports are focused on delivering the best picks out there for UFC/MMA. We have over 20 years experience in Martial arts and statistics and so we came up with probably the most solid system around to predict and profit from UFC events.

You can check our website www.infersports.com and you can see the how we've been performing. We even posted there the chances of winning each fight, which ones we skipped, return per fight and event.

We want to promote our service now and we are looking for suggestions on how to attract a professional crowd to our service. We are also looking to create an affiliate network to promote the service. So if you are interested, please, drop us a note here, follow the discussion or follow us in twitter.

Looking forward to hear your comments.
This is how is going to work. I would love to hear your comments!

We are offering for the next two or three UFC events free tips. Then we charge a 50 USD/event and if you lose money, we reimburse the 50 USD you paid us for the event. What is your opinion about it?

For the people who signs up, it is more about making a nice return, than the sport itself. Our focus, as I mention before is the return.

If anyone is interested, PM, or simply add a message is this thread :)