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    My choice for today. The match is just starting, but at the last moment the odds have changed drastically. It's worth to play on 2 at high odds. Nemiga vs Invictus 12:00 // 28th of December 2019 Bet: Nemiga @ 3,75 at bet365 The source, among others, from the user on
  2. ValentineSmith

    Best eSports Betting Site 2019

    Hello everyone! 😉 My name is Valentine Smith. I am keen on esports! I like such games as: 🏆Smite, 🏆CS GO, 🏆Overwatch, 🏆Dota 2, 🏆Starcraft, 🏆League of Legends. I played for a long time. But once I asked myself: "How can I make money on my hobby?". After analyzing everything, I decided that now I...
  3. AsiaMan

    NBA News Milwaukee Bucks Acquire Michael Beasley

    In response to the Milwaukee Bucks guard injured Khris Middleton in which will be sidelines for 6 months. The Houston Rockets traded small forward Michael Beasley to the Bucks for the guard Tyler Ennis. Beasley, 27, has averaged 13.0 points and 4.8 rebounds on eight NBA seasons. "We're excited...