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    Inplay odds alert software/website/app needed!

    Hi y'all, new here! Was wondering if anyone knows any software/website/app for live/in-play odds alert. For example, Nadal vs Alcaraz, the odds for Alcaraz to win are 1.65 (pre). What I need is a notification (like gmail, telegram or whatever) IF the live odds hit my target price (let's say...
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    API integration solutions for your website/blog(Live-widgets,player props,prematches, live streams other info)

    Hey, i would like to introduce you my API for your website, platform or blog.It includes everything you need: ✅Live match widgets(Soccer, tennis, table tennis, basketball, volleyball,ice hockey,baseball, cricket); ✅Prematches list for all sport matches; ✅Team and player props for sport betting...
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    Betfair Api built site

    Hello if anyone here a owner of sports betting site which is built by betfair api( Exchange) i have a business proposal for you. My country has good market to be successful of betting business as a bookmaker. Below i am giving a site reference i am looking for same designed site to work with...