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    How do you stop yourself from getting addicted?

    Casino games are really easy to play and only requires small amount of money to start playing games, do how do you prevent yourself from getting addicted? or if you are addicted to it how are you dealing with it?
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    wearing shades and cap during play

    i usually see poker players especially in big events wear shades and caps. does this really help them with their A-game??
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    Most beautiful women in the world

    they are all beautiful, i do admire the beauty of indian women as they are very exotic. i love their eyes, small face and lips.
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    Jennifer Tilly Won The Bellagio Cup and $124k

    From womenspokernews Jennifer Tilly has again added to the history books and helping women players make poker history. She is the winner of the Bellagio Cup VI. During the Bellagio Cup VI, part of the famous World Poker Tour (WPT), Jennifer Tilly, worked her way in front of 90 poker players...