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    Run your own sportsbook

    for bitcoin market, price down 10% over the last years
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    Acc-ex exchange services

    Hello, guys. Found website . They are providing betfair and bet365 accounts which is very great. Want to try them. But I do have couple of questions, Does anybody know are they safe and reliable? Anyone uses them to have access to betfair or bet365? Thanks
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    Bet Broker/Asian bookies?

    yes, they are good and there you can find small league that are difficult to be find on the european, for example MaXbet (previously was called ibcbet, please do not confuse with betibc agent; however they offer ibcbet accounts also ) also you can consider sbobet
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    wearing shades and cap during play

    I do not think it is fair for the other players, here should be set some rules for them not to wear shades and cap during the play.
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    I do not like this game, however I play it at work when I have some free minutes in order to relax myself.
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    yes, I help my son to understand this game better, now our children have more possibilities to play it: on computer or at school during special classes.
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    Bet Broker/Asian bookies?

    as far as I know betibc has live chat customer service but I cannot tell you their working hours; you can check their site and ask maybe they have some info about trading softwares for betting exchanges or API which allows you to build a personal model that will touch these numbers and will bet...
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    This is my prefered game from childhood, I remember when first time received as gift a tetris game :rolleyes:
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    Betting Online

    It is more confortable to check all info regarding horse racing offers from home where you have Internet and accesss to any kind of information you need in order to take a decision
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    What is your favorite league ?

    My favorites are premier liga and bundesliga
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    Awesome new "Cash Out" feature at sportsbet......

    with cashout feature you are given a chance not to lose. I respect all bookmakers that offer such an option.
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    yes, of course it should be tried. I remember my parents playing it, I am not a fan but I think after I will try lotteries I will change my point of view.
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    Why do people play online anyway? What do you think?

    Unfortunately I cannot access the article you posted here due to some syntax errors. Some of us play casino for pleasure, others to gain money, the reasons can be different as we are different.
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    What's the difference between an online and an offline (land-based) casino?

    In my vision a difference is that online casino will allow you to play for free to learn the game better and to make a strategy which is not possible for land based casino, because you cannot go in a casino and to play for free and fun without to invest an amount of money. Also there are many...
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    New Book!

    is it possible to check the odds they offer before to sign up? Do you offer test accounts or something similar? It is a new bookie for me and I would like to know more about the markets and odds they have. Thank you