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    PIWI247 - Powered by Pinnacle - No Country Restriction

    Notice taken, may be you can contact the gambling commission. They might help you.
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    PIWI247 - Powered by Pinnacle - No Country Restriction

    Can we see the correspondence ? Just so people will be safe.
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    Favourite videos- post only videos from youtube

    Me too, another band that does good LIVE is Apocalyptica. If you are into scandinavian groups.
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    What do you think about paying tipster ?

    I have never paid for tipsters, I just want to have my own responsibility, if I lose its because of me, not because of someone I don't even know. I also don't support paying for tips. By the way your english is good, dont worry!
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    Daily Tennis & Football.

    Hi, Welcome to the forum! I also bet on tennis on betfair. I like in play odds as they are not always right. I like to lay 1.01 on tennis, I have had some success like this. Do you want me to move your thread to "Personal Threads" or you prefer to keep it in general forum? Both ways are fine...
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    Suggestion For Reliable Gambling Site?

    Depends what partnership.
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    SERIE A 2019/2020

    Hi, unfortunately I also share your opinion that Juventus will win the title easily. I just do not see any team that is capable of winning points consistently like them. Their selection is world class. I am interested how Matthijs de Ligt will perform. I think he will need time to establish...
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    The truth about betting systems

    Pretty much this. You can win from over/underpriced teams/players. Also mistakes from bookmakers. Generally sports betting has better chances of winning you money, as long as you know what you are doing.
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    England Premier League Week 26

    Man United are on a roll, who knows, if they continue like this even nr. 1 is possible :D
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    High Staked Picks

    Well, someone might have balls of steel to bet so much money.
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    High Staked Picks

    Which bookmaker is this, I cant recognize the ticket.
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    Have anybody else had their account cleaned by Bet365?

    How much money did they "clean"? I think it is written in their terms that you need to bet the amount x times. It is how it works in any site, although I dont know how they will proceed in other websites. Better dont take their bonuses and you wont have problems. Betfair works great, it is a...
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    Newbie Bets

    There is only one way to see, wait. :)
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    Tennis picks for 2019!

    Federer is down, did someone take Tsitsipas?