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Good advice from BHTR

Oh wow, you are all professional players here! Can I, as a newbie, ask for your advice? I am interested in hybrid crypto casino platform to create my own online casino. I see that this business has become popular now and I want to try it too. Let's be honest, during the quarantine, gambling was the only thing that helped many people against depression, and who among us does not want to have their own income and not depend on an employer? Do you think players make more sport bets or play roulette? I will be very glad to hear your feedback especially if you had experience of having your own casino! Good luck!
I don't think either one of those heavily outnumbers the other. It's not all about the market quantity, it's more about how to target those demographics efficiently. There are people making banks working in obscure niches because they know how to reach that kind of customers.
I will ask you not to flood in my topic.
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