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Hi Sir,
I want to get real buyer who need betting accounts.I have bet 365/betfair and William hill of diffrent countries.below i give the list.
1.Italy bet 365/betfair/william hill with Skrill/neteller also Paypal
2.Spain bet 365+Paypal(only bet 365)
3.Uk bet 365,william hill,betfair[no payment method]
4.Greece bet 365+Skrill
5.Ireland Bet 365,William hill,betfair[no payment method]
[All account is fully verified and including doccuments]
[I know in this platform trust isn't easy,everywhere scammer.But i think that if i scam u i only get 1 chance to take few money from u,but if i good work with u with trust i can profit long time as long as i give service,so trust me only for 1 time,u will lose nothing]
Contac me on
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