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50$ free no deposit bonus at poker site of your choice

This is by far the best no deposit bonus for all poker players. It is given by pokerstrategy, all you need to do is sign at their site and answer a short quiz, it's great for poker players that never deposited but want to try out how's the real money play. Even if you are not new to poker its still 50$ free. As I said you only need to answer the quiz, but that shouldnt be a problem.

Click here to go to Pokerstrategy and get your 50$

-Don't worry about the questions in the quiz, you can find all the answers on the pokerstrategy site if you browse it. Also a lot of questions are preflop related and you can use the starting hand chart to find the right answer.

-Browse the learning material , basic section . If you don't find a part of the material easy to remember , take notes or save the pokerstrategy quiz answers (summary of the learning material) from the end of the page . If you don't understand a poker term , make sure to check out the glossary page .

Table positions - 3 early , 3 middle , 2 late , 2 blind positions (early drops if someone leaves the table)
If raised preflop - CAP(Raise/Re-raise) with AKo+ QQ+ , Call with AJs+ 99+

Flop evaluation
Made hands = Two Pair or better
Over Pair = Higher pair than any community card
Top Pair = Pair with the highest community(board) card
Take a note on the draw/unfinished terms also if you are not familiar with them.

Flop Play , if you have :
Monster hand / Monster Draw - CAP
Top Pair/Over Pair/Flush Draw/OESD/double-Gut shot/Gutshot and Overcards - Bet or raise , just call re-raise
Gutshot or Overcards - Bet against max 2 opponents , call if the pot is at least 10 times the bet amount
Other hands - fold

Take similar notes for turn and river play .

Bankroll management
- Climb the limits/maximize profits safely with minimal risk of losing your bankroll .
- With less then 300 big bets of the previous limit move down .
- With more than 300 big bets of the next higher limit move up .
- Never disregard it and risk you bankroll .

[parsehtml]<a href="http://www.pokerstrategy.com/uLS46E"
target="_blank" title="online poker"><img
border="0" alt="online poker"></a>[/parsehtml]Few tips for the pokerstrategy quiz -

#1 You play the most hands from late position , you have the advantage if you act after you opponent .

#2 Keep the starting hand chart open and whenever a question starts like "You are holding .. " look at top row for the position and first column for player actions to determine the correct answer .

#3 Regardless if you play a perfect game , you will have downswings as well . Not playing the right hands from the right position makes you a bad player .

#4 You play the most hands from late hands , because you have the advantage to act after your opponent .

After you complete the quiz remember that you can choose only a poker site where you DO NOT have an account.

I want to get 50$ no deposit bonus, but I don't know if Pokerstrategy accept members from Turkey or not?
Thanks for sharing! I'll try
The offer you have been offered here is like quite impressive to go but can be varied as per the services and certain as have offering the same.