1. B

    Upcoming Esport Matches

    24/9/2020 Hey guys, Today we are kicking it off with some very exciting Esports games open to betting! Starting with: DreamHack CS:GO Open 15:00 pm: Movistar Riders - Skade 15:00 pm: C0ntact Gaming - mousesports ESL CS:GO Pro League: 19:00 pm: Evil Geniuses - Furia Esports OGA Dota 2 Pit...
  2. T

    Ever helped test a gambling app before release?

    Hey, new member here! Have you ever been involved in helping develop an online casino or any betting app? I'm working with a company at the moment that needs people to test their new app and I'm wondering if people have even been asked to do that before and if they would? We're helping the...
  3. admin

    Various forms of online gambling

    We all love to play online casino games. The gambling industry is big and is growing day by day. We all enjoy different games and we all have different tastes. Some people love playing on mobiles, some on desktops, and some on tablets and so on. We all have different taste and different living...
  4. A

    Msc dissertation about betting

    Hiya! I’m currently a master’s degree student at The University of Warwick doing my dissertation and I would really appreciate it if you could help me with my research. I have created a questionnaire which aims to examine what factors have an influence on the participation of eSports betting...
  5. C

    Canadians: Please take our quick survey on online sports betting habits

    Hi, We are a group of post-graduate student researchers who have chosen to conduct a large, anonymous, quantitative survey on sports betting habits and lifestyles - in the hopes of quantifying what makes for successful betting habits. If you live in Toronto, bet on sports, and are between the...