League of legends 2020

    Thread about the League of Legends matches - selected from the most popular leagues in the world. Published will be only some of the games and analyses. LOL LCK Match: Gen.G - DAMWON GAMING 03/26 13:00 DAMWON GAMING Odds: @4.300 1/10 match analysis Today two teams meet in the LCK league...
  2. AsiaMan

    Rio Olympics 2016 USA Rout Serbia 96-66

    Rio De Janeiro - Trailing with the consecutive close games team USA still manage to return its explosiveness when they blow out the aspiring Serbia 96-66. Kevin Durant lead his team with 30 points, 3 rebounds, 4 assist, and 2 steals while DeMarcus Cousins scored 13 points, 15 rebounds, and 2...
  3. AsiaMan

    NBA News David Lee Joining The Spurs

    According to David Lee's agent the former All-Star agreed to a 2 year $3.2 million contract deal with the San Antonio Spurs and also a year 2 option for the player. "We've been talking to the Spurs for quite a while," "There's a number of places he could have gone and done better economically...
  4. Carl - betting on League of Legends

    if you're interested in betting on the game League of Legends you should check out this website for reviews and bonus offers. What is Esports ? Esports (Electronic sports) is a term for organized video game competitions.