1. sonyvaio

    Stake Your #1 Crypto Casino and Sportsbook

    Highest RTP in Casino Industry (All slots set to highest RTP avaiable by provider) , In house games set @ 1% house edge Highest Limits on Slots , upto $500 per spin on some slots Largest Selection of Slots , Housegames , Live Casino games. Accepts Btc , Eth , Ltc , Bch , Eos , Tron , Doge...
  2. T

    Get paid to test a betting app - New Jersey testers needed

    Hey, I work for an international crowdtesting company. We pay people all around the world to test products for us like apps, websites etc. We are urgently looking for people in New Jersey to take part in a test of a new betting app for us NEXT WEEK. This test pays 15 euro (around $16) and...
  3. T

    Ever helped test a gambling app before release?

    Hey, new member here! Have you ever been involved in helping develop an online casino or any betting app? I'm working with a company at the moment that needs people to test their new app and I'm wondering if people have even been asked to do that before and if they would? We're helping the...