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  1. BET-IBC1


    The long wait is over! your favorite licensed sports betting software now has a betting exchange. This feature has been requested by punters for ages, and we are pleased to let the betting-forum community know that they can now bet against other punters by opening an account at the best betting...
  2. T

    Ever helped test a gambling app before release?

    Hey, new member here! Have you ever been involved in helping develop an online casino or any betting app? I'm working with a company at the moment that needs people to test their new app and I'm wondering if people have even been asked to do that before and if they would? We're helping the...
  3. B

    Bet Streaks - App

    When you want to bet, you generally need valuable statistics. Bet Streaks produces one of the most valuable information for bettors. In our application, you can discover continuing betting streaks of teams and decide your choice easily. * Teams listed from all popular and active tournaments. *...
  4. S

    run sportsbook online with powerful script

    hi i decided run a sportsbook site with powerful script i have 10.000 $ budget for start this business. please give me your idea about this project . and tell me about best software about gambling . thanks