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    BetCave Tip Group - Daily free tips

    Welcome to the BetCave! This is an online betting group that gives the best value bets to our visitors. Please note the profitable betting is a marathon and not a sprint. You can check our History since September here: As you can see our average odds are over 3,50...
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    I won $63000 on soccer betting. Advice needed for further betting

    2 days ago i won ~58000 Euros on the last match Rizespor vs Basaksehir... The bet was halftime/fulltime 2/1 ... Odds were: +3750 (37.5) Ticket: As some of the betting guys here know, after several years of wasting money and looking for...
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    Tipster sites Advice

    Other tipster sites, i was recently paying a so called tipster a monthly fee of £12.50 a month for tips, in 3 weeks i got 1 good tip from him which won , it was a double tip on german league football. he again gave a 8 time accumulator last week on scottish football, i gave it a go and lost , in...