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    3 Things You Should Never Do When Betting For Sports Online

    You should never think your bet has won before it has even hit in-play... Never bet with an online casino or bookmaker that lacks customer support and fairness.
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    The purpose of gambling in your life

    For me the purpose is purely entertainment and fun. I manage how much I'm spending and if that figure compared to profit wasn't looking good I simply wouldn't do it. I don't find it addictive at all. I've started playing some casino apps rather than just betting on football and horse racing and...
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    Online poker?

    Fortunately it's not an issue here so I play on PartyPoker and sometimes the slots at PlayOJO, I hope they sort the rules for the US soon for you.
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    Any sites without ID verification? When withdraw

    Agree with comments above, any legit site will ask for ID to protect both players and themselves. I personally play SkyBet and PlayOJO and both these sites confirm age before you can do anything, especially withdraw funds!
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    Can gambling be an addiction?

    The site I play slots have put together a responsible gambling guide through various pieces of great content. Check it out here.
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    What is the Best Bookmaker?

    I really like SkyBet for their bet club but it's BET365 that do offer better odds and 365 is pretty much available Europe wide. I landed a free bet on Bet365 this week on the Tottenham game and went straight to PlayOJO and hit a 3 figure jackpot. Luck comes in 2s!!
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    Which is the best online casino to play blackjack?

    Mr Green isn't bad for poker, I play all other games at Playojo right now. Blackjack included, only just started in the last few months. Not a bad start!
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    Favorite casino game ?

    I'd say themed slots are my favourite casino game, but in terms of actually taking home a profit I'd say blackjack.
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    My biggest casino win

    I won 4 figures playing 3 card poker in Vegas, that was pretty sweet. Apart from that I've won a little bit here and there! I mainly play for fun though.
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    Stephen Curry led Warriors beat the Pelicans 125-115

    That was one crazy game. I just hope Steph's injury isn't too bad. Pretty sure Klay has now scored 20+ points in last 6 games, epic.
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    What is the Best Bookmaker?

    Bet365 and Sky Bet are my favourite bookmakers. Both industry award winners.
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    Protecting players

    There's a lot of news in the press recently about how far operators go to protect problem gamblers and help them with addiction.
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    What is the best online gambling platform Ace333 or SCR888 ?

    Honestly I've never heard of those. I'm in Europe and the big ones are Sky Vegas, PaddyPower etc I also play at PlayOJO and 32Red.
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    5 Key Tips To Responsible Gaming

    There's a lot of talk at the moment in the UK about limiting max stakes and companies doing more to help prevent problem gamblers. I like CORAL's 'when the fun stops stop' campaign. I also read this refreshingly honest post by the MD of PlayOJO:
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    Benefits of Playing Online Casino Games

    There are a lot of benefits, but I do like the real casino environment too. Especially in a decent casino! The platforms I use right now for online games is Sky Vegas (excellent quick banking and choice of games) and PlayOJO (saw an ad on TV and decent customer service). I can recommend both of...