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    What have you done to keep Earth green?

    I grow a tree on birthday of my every family member . Thats what i do .
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    Day Or Night?

    I am a sports person , so i have to be early to bed and early to rise kinda a person .
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    Favorite day of the week?

    Saturday and sunday .
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    Favorite Movie?

    My favourite movies is Dark knight and Pulp fiction .
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    Inception Movie

    Is the sequel of this movie coming ? Can wait to see it .
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    What's your favorite TV show?

    My favourite tv show is Two and a half men . Charlie sheen is silmpy too funny .
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    Formula 1 Bahrain GP

    Bahrain GP is not going to happen this . This time it will be held in India .
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    Do you remember long game in tennis?

    The longest agem i saw was between Federer and murray . Ilasted 5 and half hours , and federer won .
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    Betting in India

    I dont think there beeting sites in India . Betting is banned in India . But you can search on google , if there are any .
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    NBA FINALS 2011 Predictions?

    I will stick with miami . Got a lot of money on them