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    Where is the best casino for betting game?

    Hi bro! Try always to use casinos verified in your region as in future you can get in trouble with cashouts. Personally I play at Syndicate casino which very comfortable for me as I can play slots, poker and do bets at one website. As well always read reviews and feedback about the room you...
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    Betting Forum The purpose of gambling in your life

    It's always make a game you watch much more interesting while you bet an underdog I agree but it's not a way to earn usually :D If you bet for fun it's a great method to make a match you watch way more interesting.
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    Should you allow your children to play online games? (by GamesBX Trends Now)

    Hmm, why not? I'm not it's way better to play online games rather than do something criminal. As well a lot of games develop their logic skills and they make new friends. Don't be afraid of games, when we were young it was completely another time and now it's totally normal I guess.
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    What Laptop Do You use??

    Actually, not a fan of the laptop's now as I bought at least 6 laptops in my life and I change it every 3-4 years and I thought that I'll save more money by buying a powerful PC and I'm so satisfied after buying my new PC. I have a friend who works in this industry who helped me to assemble the...
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    Betting Forum The purpose of gambling in your life

    Hey bro! Mostly I earned from poker but I've never been at a loss from betting. In general, I'm 4-5k dollars of plus from betting. My starts are very simple, when I lose 2-3 bets in a row I make a break for at least a month, I bet only at matches that take place in a Leagues I observe, I bet...
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    Betting Forum The purpose of gambling in your life

    I can separate my reasons into 3 periods. When I just started playing I was playing only for fun and I started with betting, was just spending time with friends and it was much more interesting to watch football matches with bets. Sometimes I used to play poker with friends. After few years I...
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    Is online poker profitable 2020?

    Hi James. Poker will be profitable always for those who workaround his playstyle. Pay a lot of attention to poker theory, watch some podcasts and games of pro players and you will get success one day. One more important thing is to choose a poker room and the way you will get a profit(cash game...
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    Hi everyone!

    Hi guys! I'm a newbie at this forum but I'm not a newbie in gambling. I'm an experienced betting and poker player and recently I started to play slots. Looking forward to meet new people and hope I'll be useful in some way for someone!