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    Stock Martket trading

    You are buying, I'm in short. Each of us has his own path.
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    acc-ex (other name of bet-ibc) are scammers, do never deposit there

    You have to live with the consequences, opening an account with unlicensed “broker”, who is says it's not broker, just giving random account to random people, with enormous fee and very high deposit. Other brokers are a million times better that this sh*t money laundering broker. Open an...
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    Stock Martket trading

    It's overall for one of my portfolios. After year or two won't be any critical difference. Recession and world economic struggle will hold the stocks market for a long time. But the good news is that will reduce the bubblesiation of the global market.
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    Stock Martket trading

    As much as you are okay to lose. :D I'm -45% lose on my long position since the start of the year.
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    Stock Martket trading

    We are still far from the bottom. Right now it's not good idea to buy the dip, it will keep dipinn for months.
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    Orbit-exchange accounts

    So, technically you are Bet-Football, but with redirecting website to your main website. Don't get me wrong, but that is kind of stupid. But not very stupid. Just invest more in SEO instead of creating website with same links.
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    Question regarding Corner betting.

    It depends, in my opinion teams with Wing-backs and with 2 central forwards are doing more corners. But It's all up to the team and their tactic and game style. Teams playing in low block are vulnerable to corners too.
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    Betting Strategy

    It's random, however i''m curious how profitable this could be. I think you had to win atleast 7 bets to see little profit.
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    Betting Strategy

    Did Someone tried to bet same bet for all matches from certain league. For Example all matches from Week 35 LaLiga - BTTS-No, something like that. Is it good strategy, how profitable is? I saw for some league match shares for this bet is 60/70% BTTS-No.
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    Europe UEFA Champions League Semi-finals, 1st Leg (26-27 April)

    Their last H2H are very interesting over 2.5 and BTTS. I expect the same to happen again. While the number of corners are low too. average 6 corners. Both teams are attacking through the center, which is bad if you want to play on over corners. they have players which are preferring to hold...
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    Asianconnect are incredibly good

    I'm not sure, it sounds too good to be real.
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    England Postponed matches, 19-21 April

    If Ronaldo miss the game I don't know from who will come the goal for United. And i think is very likely to happen and mister Rashford will have to lead the game. I expect a lots of goals - maybe Over 1.5 goals during the First half. And Harry and Dalot to recieve yellow cards.
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    Europe Champions League Quarter-finals, 2nd Leg (12-13 April)

    Real Madrid - Chelsea - to score first - Chelsea. Chelsea showed big class against the Saints. They will enter the game with big level of hope, will strive to score very fast goal, so they could put madrid in danger. I don't think Real will be to aggressive and will want to win the game...
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    Italy Round 31

    Already round 31, how fast time is flying. Juventus - Inter - Inter to win one of the halfs. Atalanta - Napoli - BTTS .