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    Tennis Betting for a Living- Amazon

    Yeah, it looks so. I should probably start to watch tennis as well, because it's very intense and fun from the few matches that I watched. I am oriented on football, but every sport is interesting when I you know something about it and realize what is going on. Beside betting on sports, I also...
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    Tennis Betting for a Living- Amazon

    I know nothing about tennis, this would be a money lose for me if I start doing it.
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    World First Blockchain Casino

    This seems interesting, but is there any difference between a blockchain casino and a regular one? I am pretty experienced in this industry. I played a lot on the platform. But, honestly, I do not understand why I should use a blockchain casino instead of the regular...
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    888 report

    I couldn't find anything but since my friend used 888sport I got his opinion about it. He told me that it's the worst gambling website where he played in his whole life. Bad customer service, they answer the chat very hard, and about emails he told me that they don't even answer. So if you want...
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    888 report

    I know one of my friends got a report like that, I'll try to ask him, and I'll return to post it.
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    What is the best mobile app for football betting tips?

    Also used stats24 before for a long period of time, but after my friend told me there are many other ways and started using like this option on my android device. It works without lags and never had problems with withdrawal process, that what is the most important to me. First period I was a...
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    Not just about money,it’s about feeling of winning.

    I am also playing this game on my phone, what is your nickname bro?
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    I was ultra lucky at Bet365 - Age of the Gods slot

    I also liked playing on casinos, but I am not so lucky at this stuff, so I don't play on casinos anymore. I like those emotions you can get only gambling, but now I prefer betting on sports events. I am a big fan of football, and I understand a little bit about it so I decided it may be a good...
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    Blockchain Casino Games

    After so much time wasted in vain because of unknown platform with such wonderful aspects that will keep any customer on their “safety land” where money is involved, can tell for sure guys mostly all of top-rated websites have all of these points integrated in their system, believe me. I’m very...
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    DOTA 2

    does anyone play minecraft in here?
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    Which is the best online casino to play blackjack?

    You really made me think about the security now, my friend had a problem with a betting paltform.
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    DOTA 2

    Well, same thing for me. I guess, a thread about dota 2 was the least expected thing on this forum. Ohh man, i have played dota for a couple of years actually. I have seen that the last international has had the total winning pool of 40.000.000. Well, that is really insane. I guess, after i got...
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    I bought 80 000 vexanium (Crypto currency)

    Sounds very interesting, I would like to check for some more information, maybe I will buy a good amount as well. Usually I ma trading on cfds trader an having pretty good income from the stock market. But now I want to go further and to start to trade with cryptocurrency. It is a pretty good...
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    What is a 'Gambling Horoscope'?

    Never believed in this word.