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    Great Sports Bonuses

    Hi Guys, I´m playing at Mr Ringo since January 2017 and I have to say as a Bonuslover, that they make weekly great Sports Bonuses for all competitions. Bonuses like 50% up to 200€ or sometimes 100% up to 300€. They have only a min. odd per match and that´s it. Great to play with Sports...
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    Casino bonuses good or bad!!

    I got started with a 5,55€ no deposit bonus at Mr Ringos, I thought it was quite nice (I'm not very experienced, though) and as I read the bonus conditions before taking the bonus, I knew what a wasn't allowed to play or do. I'm still playing with my first bonus for a deposit, though, so I can't...
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    Why do people play online anyway? What do you think?

    I'm not able to go outside for some time tue to sickness. So for me this is just entertaining. Something to look forward to. I hava a friend, who's playing, too, and sometimes we watch the games together or talk over the games we played and the bets we set. It's just ab bit of fun, you know?
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    I like trains.

    I like trains.