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    Not just about money,it’s about feeling of winning.

    I have been in gambling for a long time. I have a lot of experience behind my back. The feelings that the game brings are important to me. Yes, money disappears very quickly, but you just need to stop in time and understand why you are doing this. Moreover, it is very important to use the right...
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    What is a 'Gambling Horoscope'?

    When my gambling career was just beginning, I spent too much time searching for all kinds of transcripts of superstitions. Over time, I realized that this is all nonsense. Only Fortune and knowledge of strategies can give results. Finding a reliable platform is also important. In my opinion...
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    the best system for win

    Yes, it would be a good idea to share with new systems and strategies. As for me, I know one reliable method, strategy, system, call as you want... A fixed-rate strategy or just flat is one of the simplest betting bankroll management systems that is recommended for beginners to use. The flat...