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    do you guys still share basket ball prediction?
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    the best system for win

    ther is not even a 70% wining strategy if you ask me,
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    France Round 27

    can lille go on and win the title?
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    Rules and guide to bet responsibly

    thank you for such a great & helpful article, this can help beginners a lot, but 5 to 7 % of the bankroll is too much for newbies, i advice staking 1% for a start, if the bookie permit dis of course!
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    Sportsbook or Exchange, which is better and why?

    you have a pt here, but not al exchanges are reliable!
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    Sportsbook or Exchange, which is better and why?

    unless you r ready to meet the big rollover requirement attach too bonuses, i suggest to avoid them, i also like sportsbooks more than échanges becasue i don"t lay much
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    Arbitrage betting

    this is very tru, that's why it's safer to do arbing under an account opended via agent, such as asianconnect or betibc, this way your identity is safe. As you know, for arbing it's important to have the highest limits, an for this you need betting softwares like vipibc or mollybet, both are...
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    Great Sports Bonuses

    that's tru! the rollover required for big bonuses is often very high, that's why it is not recommendded to accept bonuses, becasue even with good bet strategy you may never withdraw a cent!
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    What's the most stupid thing you've heard a non-gambler said about gambling?

    to me it is funni when nonbettors say its imposible to win consistantly in the bettling world! The betting game boils down to 2 things 1- having an edge over the bookies 2- having solid bet plan
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    Gambling for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, Best Bitcoin Casinos

    btc just made it pas the 50k line, and it's no surprise if many bettor use it, this will continue in the coming yyears
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    3 Things You Should Never Do When Betting For Sports Online

    i agree on this point, bad idea to continue betting after a series of loses, this also boils down to having a betting plan and sticking to it...
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    other good exchanges include betfaire, matchbk, orbitxch. betfaire is by far the best, but it's very hard these days to open an account, even when you find a service that can do it, they'll charge you lots of fees and ask for huge minimum deposits, an example is acc_ex, seems like they open...
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    Other exchanges

    matchbook is very good, but all pro bettors will agree its no where near betfaire, what sets them apart is that they offer both sportsbook and exchange, however the list of restricted countries is very long... that's why they created whitelabels like orbitexch
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    Gambling for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, Best Bitcoin Casinos

    while its true that btc is on a great bull run, nothing guarantees it won't drop back to nothing, so you can't say there's less risk with it, but for betting, i prefer btc for deposits as it's very fast and fees very small
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    BettingMartingale Tips

    you seem to be an advocate of the martingal strategy, but i think one needs a large capital to be able to use thus strategy in betting, newbies should avoid this at all cost, and adopt techniques like arbing