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    Good bets from bet4million

    you are really good as a tipster. do you also share tips on other sportts leagues? maybe you should consider sharing your tips on platforms such as blogabet, or othr predictions services.
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    Copa America - Final, July 11

    brazil didn't play at their max potential, almost like they wanted messi to win his first major trophy with argentina, neymar for one didn't shine at all in that final, brazil should have won it, but take nothing away from that di maria goal!
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    3 Things You Should Never Do When Betting For Sports Online

    this goes without saying! most newbie bettors often make this mistake of chasing losses wit hopes of recovering them, but in the end the lose even bigger amounts! new bettors should have a clear betting plan and should always try to reduce their stakes to 1% of their bankroll on each bet.
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    Europe EURO 2020 - Semifinals, July 6-7

    great prediction there Alex! Sad england did not won the match!
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    Good bets from bet4million

    wow, great stats there and great ROI.
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    Europe EURO 2020 - Semifinals, July 6-7

    is there really any big doubt that Italy and England are favourites? I mean, take nothing away from the odds bookies are giving Italy, but if you check Spain's matches, you'll notice that they're not any great side! I think Spain made it this far out of mere luck! If they qualify against Italy...
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    bet365 fully verified account sell, webcam verified

    be safe out there mate, don't blindly trust people saying they can help you get verified bet-365 accounts, most of them are useless and big scam. don't waste your money, better go for services that are reputable or get yourself other bookies that meet the requirements or preferences you want...
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    EURO 2020 Tournament

    I'm going for England an Italie here! that is my final and england to win big that day. france make me lose big money, very useless team, make me very mad that day! now i support england
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    Betting Online

    no serious punter can disagre here! the song is bankrol management, bankrol management, and bankrol management again, i'm looking to get into horse racing, can anyone recommende me a good site? like this one
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    Betting in India

    great suggestion, add ps3838 too the liste, it a great bookmakers too! great for combo
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    3 Things You Should Never Do When Betting For Sports Online

    thanks for sharing, can i have the history of the bets of the past 3 to 6 months wit this platforme?
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    England Round 35

    .....then lose fa cup finale to liechester, interestingly enough. sadly, seem like man city to win champions league finale.
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    Spain Round 35

    did the title just slipp pass real madrid after this majore draw against sevilla?
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    England Round 35

    close call here, i also didn't anticipate many goals, and yes the coaches didn't go wit their exact formations and hid their tactics in view of the final of chmpions ligue
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    France Round 36

    great tip there alex, thx fo sharing