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Young Boys - Skenderbeu

Discussion in 'UEFA Europa League cup' started by Football Bet Picks, Dec 7, 2017.

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    Mar 10, 2017
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    Young Boys hosts Skenderbeu Korce in a match from Group B of the UEFA Europa League.

    For Young Boys it was a really dissapointing campaign in the Europa League group stages. They are currently leaders in the Swiss Super League in front of the champion Basel, but in Europa League Young Boys were unable to show their true potential.

    Right now the Swiss team is on the last 4th place in the group with just 3 points, while Skenderbeu are third with 5. A win for Young Boys will move them up to the third place, but that’s all they can achieve in this group. They already lost their chances to qualify for the next stage.

    Most of the pundits thought that Young Boys are a strong favourite for qualification for the next phase of the tournament. They are one of the strongest Swiss teams right now, but they were unable to show their potential in Europa League. Who knows - maybe they are prioritizing the tite fight in the Swiss Super League? They are performing much better there and they are currently leading the table in front of Basel.

    As for Skenderbeu, the Albanian team won more points than most of the people thought they would. Skenderbeu are trailing on 3 points behind the second Partizan, but they can’t finish second in the group. This is because Partizan have better stats in the direct clashes against Skenderbeu.

    Despite of losing chances to progress, for Skenderbeu it would be a great achievement to finish third in this group. They surprised many people with their performance this season and for them it was a great source of confidence. The Albanian football do not have big traditions in European competitions, so we can say that Skenderbeu’s performance was really a very positive one.
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