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World's Most Violent Sports

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Feb 15, 2022
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Some sports require more than team spirit and determination. They require caution, strategy and strength. That's because some activities are considered super violent.
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But moving on, team contact sports such as football, American football and rugby are violent, but there are other sports that present even more risks for athletes, requiring the use of protective gear to avoid injuries.

Below is a list of the most violent sports in the world:

1. American Football​

No futebol americano, os jogadores bloqueiam e empurram os adversários usando a força do corpo

American football, known in the United States as "footbal", is a variation of rugby in which players block, push and chase each other using their body strength to do so. Brute force and violence are devices used to prevent the ball from being carried into the opponent's field.

It is common to make the sport a metaphor for war, as in American football there are elaborate strategies and personal violence in which strong, heavy players push each other around.

In the sport there is a defined front line that moves back and forth on the field. This front line is what separates the attacking and defending players.

2. Rugby​

Similar ao futebol americano, o rugby está entre os esportes violentos

Originating in England and Similar to American football, rugby is a sport that aims to score the most points in a match.

In the "ruck" modality, players push each other in an attempt to make the ball stay with their team.

Everything is done hand-to-hand, as players are not allowed to use their hands.

3. Water Polo​

Polo Aquático, os empurrões e cotoveladas são bastante comuns

Water polo is a team sport similar to handball. Practised in a swimming pool, the teams need to hit the ball inside the opponent's goal.

There are two rules in the game, which are: the ball cannot be held with both hands and you cannot sink the ball either.

Because pushing and elbowing are common, this sport has also become known as water rugby.

4. Ice hockey​

No Hóquei, os jogadores utilizam equipamentos de proteção por causa dos choques corporais

Ice hockey originated in Canada. The object of the game is to skate on ice and use a stick to direct a rubber puck that must be placed in the opponent's net.

The players wear protective equipment to avoid more serious consequences from shocks on the court.

Fights between the teams are also frequent.

5. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)​

O MMA é um esporte que mistura diversos tipos de luta e está entre os esportes violentos da atualidade

A sport that mixes several types of fighting (boxing, jiu-jitsu, capoeira, judo, karate, etc.) can certainly be placed among the violent sports practised.

Popularly, MMA and vale tudo have the same meaning. MMA allows both ground fighting techniques and striking with the foot, and a wide variety of martial arts techniques are used, such as striking using knees, elbows, fists and feet.

In addition, techniques are used to imobilize the opponent.

It is common for fighters to leave injured and even with fractures, as was the case of Brazilian fighter Anderson Silva who had his leg broken in 2013 in a fight for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Did you like this little foray in the world of sports?

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