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Sep 8, 2019
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The Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup begins 20th Nov 2022 and the different nations involved are all set to give a fight at the most prestigious football and sports event the world has ever known.

And you; can you correctly predict who will the winner of this edition?

Will France succeed herself in this edition?
Will Brazil live up to expectation as tournament favorites?
Will Germany surprise everyone yet again?
Will Messi finally lift the trophy missing in his collection?
Will Cristiano Ronaldo finally prove to the while world and Erik Ter Had that he is the best player ever?
Will an African nation finally get pass the quarter final stage of the tournament and also lift it for the very first time of the continent's history?

These are just a few questions which are going to be answered as the tournament unrolls....

Let us know below who you think will lift the trophy come December 18th. And just in case you haven't yet signed up for a betting account, now is the right time a the bookies are set to release the highest odds ever on the tournament.
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