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Win €50 with Wimbledon! Guess the winner and win.


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Oct 21, 2014
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The spectacular Wimbledon is about to reach its finale.
To enhance your experience and make it better we are starting a small game for all of you tennis and sports enthusiasts.
Two of you will have a chance to win €50 in cash reward.

All you need to do is to enroll our game and guess who is going through each final stages –Men’s Semi-finals and Finals.

Two Participators with most correct picks will win our game.​

Place your pick > https://qmyi01v6kye.typeform.com/to/KdbKBRiL
MORE INFO> https://bit.ly/WBDspec
The ball is in your court!

If you didn’t redeem your Free deposit yet, you still have enough time to do it
What if I guess correctly only the semis, but didn't pick Final?
Due to Rafael Nadal's withdrawal from Wimbledon ahead of his semi-final today because of an abdominal tear. We will stop counting all picks for the Semi-final match -Nadal- Kyrgios. We will mark the picks for Nadal as correctly guessed.

First Semi-Final match between Djokovic N. - Norrie C. is still active. Place your guess. > https://qmyi01v6kye.typeform.com/to/KdbKBRiL