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Will the Qatar World Cup be a Success?

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Jul 11, 2008
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Football is, by far, the biggest sport around the globe today. With 3.5 billion fans the world over, football has more followers than cricket and tennis put together. Some of the most popular athletes in the world today are football players, including Cristiano Ronaldo, possibly the most recognizable sports star in the world.

When it comes to sporting events, most of the topmost watched events tend to come from football. National leagues such as the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, the French Ligue 1, and the Italian Serie A grab the attention of fans, not just from the countries where they are played, but from all over the world.

However, no event can possibly match the popularity, views, and prestige of the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) World Cup. Since it was first played in 1930, the FIFA World Cup has been played almost uninterrupted up until now.

World Cup 2022​

The 2022 iteration of the World Cup is the latest tournament, and it will be played in Qatar from mid-to-late November until mid-December. Usually, the World Cup is played in the summer months, however, this year, it was moved to late in the year, to coincide with Qatar’s National Day. The 2022 World Cup is going to be the first ever cup to be held in the Arabic world, and the second world cup in history to be played in Asia (the previous being the 2002 Korea World Cup).

Throughout the history of the event, the World Cup has been a hugely popular event, especially for those who love to make bets on football. As one would expect, football betting is hugely popular. Online betting shops are aware of football’s popularity, and for this reason they offer thorough and extensive coverage of most popular football events. And of course, the World Cup is the most popular of them all.

With the tournament experiencing quite a few changes, many people are curious as to whether the event will be as successful as it has always been. So, let’s look at a few factors that might impact the popularity of the Qatar World Cup in 2022.

The Success of the Qatar World Cup​

Some people have pointed out that changing the time frame of the event might result in a hit on attendance. After all, most people are far more likely to take a holiday during the Summer, than at the end of Autumn. There have also been some other reported controversies, however, FIFA have decided to stick to their guns, and hold the event in Qatar.

The question is whether the change in time frame is enough to discourage most people from attending the event? And the answer, more than often seems to be “no”. Most people who are hardcore fans of football, are claiming that they will find the time to attend, in spite of the inconvenient timing and weather. On top of that, most of the countries who have qualified are some of the nations where football is most popular. Fans from these countries are not likely to miss the event of the year in their favorite sport.

To top it all off, some remarkable talents are associated with the event, including Nigerian rapper Davido and Qatari singer AISHA, who dedicated a song to the tournament. All of these factors suggest that the 2022 World Cup is very likely to be a success.

Closing Thoughts​

The popularity of football remains unrivaled, and it is very unlikely that any sport will ever overtake the event in term of popularity. While the 2022 iteration of the World Cup might not be as popular as some previous incarnations, it is unlikely that it will be a flop.
no not at all. Will feel like nations league in my opinion